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Brits with posh accents are more likely to climb the civil service ladder, damning report finds

BRITS with posh accents are more likely to climb the civil service ladder — because they are seen as less biased, a damning report finds today.

Staff even try to put on smart accents to fit in as they felt humiliated about their background.

Regional accents were seen as aggressive, loud or too passionate. 

One civil servant said: “If you’re from a working-class background . . . I don’t know how well you’re going to fare.”

The civil service was personified by snooty Sir Humphrey from 80s sitcom Yes, Prime Minister. 

And the Social Mobility Commission study found the social make-up of the civil service has barely changed since 1967.

It urged laws to ensure more staff from poorer backgrounds succeed.

Steven Cooper, interim co-chair of the Commission said last night: “Civil servants from disadvantaged backgrounds are significantly under-represented in the organisation and even if they do ‘get in’ they can struggle to ‘get on’." 

Report author Sam Freidman added: “An important part of progressing through the labyrinth of the Civil Service is mastering the unwritten rules; what jobs to take, where to work, how to negotiate opportunities, and above all how to behave.

"And strikingly it is those from privileged backgrounds who hold the upper hand in unpicking these hidden rules."

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