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Builder screams in terror after gigantic rat emerges from under plank

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A video which shows a gigantic rat emerging from under a wooden plank – much to the shock of the builder who lifted it up – has gone viral on TikTok.

The video shows the workman, at what looks like a building site, lifting up a large plank of wood and walking towards the rodent before realising it was there.

When he spots the huge creature, he can be seen screaming and recoiling in horror.

"What is that?!" he yells, as the person filming laughs.

"Did you guys know that was there?" the builder asks. "Yeah," they respond.

The video has been seen a staggering 16.6 million times since it was posted in July.

"He reacted better than I would have in that situation. I would have dropped the plank," one viewer commented.

Another said: "The terror in his scream. Imagine if it ran up his leg."

"I love that he was terrified but still reached out to stop it from getting squished," wrote a third.

A bit closer to home, and rats "the size of cats" are reportedly terrorising an estate in Coventry after years of fly-tipping.

The communal garages behind homes on Seymour Close in Coventry have been used as a dumping ground for fly-tippers which had caused a huge rat issue.

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Residents say that "rats the size of cats " have been attracted by the rubbish scattered behind their homes and they have called on the council to fix the problem.

Fly-tipping has been a problem in Seymour Close for the past five years and large amounts of waste have been dumped from refrigerators to bin bags, broken glass to chairs, CoventryLive reports.

The large rats are now spreading into the residents' houses and the problem has become unbearable.

One man found 10 rats in his house in recent years and even woke one morning to a rodent eating a box of porridge in his cupboard.

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