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Card addressed to 'somewhere at top of town' makes it to house

Card addressed to ‘somewhere at top of town’ in St Ives in Cornwall miraculously makes it to the right house

  • Tracey Fitzharris, 43, received the card from her friend in Duror in Scotland
  • The envelope was addressed as ‘Somewhere at top of town, St Ives, Cornwall’ 
  • On the back of the envelope, her friend had written: ‘Big love to the postie X’

A card bearing the address ‘somewhere at top of town’ has miraculously made it to the right house. 

Tracey Fitzharris, 43, revealed the card was posted by her friend from Duror in Scotland who was unsure of her address and decided to make up her own version. 

The envelope, which was shared online by the recipient, read: ‘Somewhere at top of town, St Ives, Cornwall.’ 

On the back of the envelope, the friend had added: ‘Big love to the postie X’.   

The card received by Tracey Fitzharris, 43, was sent bearing the address: ‘Somewhere at top of town, St Ives, Cornwall’

Ms Fitzharris, who received the card on February 4, told Cornwall Live: ‘Just before Christmas my friend moved to Duror a few miles down the road (from Ballachulish).

‘So I got her new address and sent her a Christmas card. She rang me up and said she felt bad because she hadn’t sent any and could I send my address.

‘I laughed and said no, I didn’t need a card and FaceTime and wine is much better and our only option nowadays.

‘Anyway, last week I had spinal surgery at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth which was delayed due to Covid.

‘The surgery happened two days before my birthday so I spent most of the day sleeping.

‘I hadn’t reminded any of my friends about my birthday, but because she knew I wasn’t great she decided to send me a card and literally thought ”bugger it” and sent it without an address.

‘Anyway it arrived yesterday and it made me smile, she was amazed it actually arrived. We spent some time laughing about it on the phone yesterday. 

On the back of the envelope, the friend, who had recently moved to Duror, had added: ‘Big love to the postie X’

‘She didn’t tell me she sent it in case it didn’t arrive.

‘I’m glad she put a stamp on it.’  

St Ives, which lies north of Penzance and west of Camborne, is divided into the Upalong region, the upper part of town where most year long residents now live, and the Downalong area. 

The Upalong area covers areas including Penbeagle, St John’s In The Fields and Hellesveor on the outer western edges of town.

Unlike the central and Downalong parts of the town, the upper region has very few shops, galleries or bars. 

The population of St Ives at the 2011 UK Census was recorded as 11,226. 

In November, the coastal town was crowned the happiest place to live in Britain in a survey by the property website Rightmove.

Rightmove’s 2020 study, with over 21,000 respondents, found that coastal areas in general were where people felt happiest.

Also on the list were Falmouth, Weymouth, Plymouth, and Poole – all places in the South West. 

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