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Carl Judie dead at 62 – ‘A True Menstrual Show’ actor passes away

A TV actor who starred in "A True Menstrual Show" has passed away at 62 years old.

News of the actor's reported death circulated on Tuesday evening, however, according to his IMDB profile, he passed away on Valentine's Day.

Judie starred in shows such as A True Menstrual Show.

He also appeared in several Dhar Mann mini-series shows over the past two years.

Judie was 62 at the time of his death, however no details of the cause have yet been provided.

The Dhar Mann Studios Team created a fundraising page for the actor, calling him a "real life Angel."

"You may be gone now, but you will always live in our hearts and your legacy of changing lives will live on forever," the description read.

It added that Judie gave "hope, inspiration and love to Billions of people all around the world touched by your amazing work."

The page has received over $50,000, with all proceeds going to Carl's family.

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