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Cat caught on pet cam charging at confused dog while their owner is away

Footage of a "rude" moggy startling a poor dog was uploaded on TikTok when the cat was caught red-handed by the pet cam installed in the living room.

The cat, who "everyone loves", according to the owner, has a habit of being a "poop" to its unfortunate canine friend whenever they are left alone in the house together.

In the clip, uploaded by user @jamiscurves46, the confused-looking dog walks into the living sniffing the floor, as if following a scent trail.

Just as the pooch looks up, a whirlwind of fur appears in the left frame and charges straight at her.

The cat looks like it will collide with the dog, but brushes past her at the last second in what almost looks like a one-sided game of chicken.

Blinking and spinning its head around, the dog looks shocked like she is trying to figure out what just happened.

The pets' owner captioned the clip with: "My cat is rude. Yes, I watch my dog from work."

On-screen, they explain the footage further and say the cat is the "reason" why their dog hates it when all the humans have left the house.

The video was "liked" more than 3,500 times but not everyone agreed that the cat was doing anything particularly wrong.

"Wait, how is the cat being rude? She/he literally walked right past her," commented one viewer.

A second chimed in: "Aww what a cutie."

Pet cams have revealed all sorts of fascinating things about cats and dogs since people started using them in their homes, sometimes revealing unexpected friendships or secret habits.

In one startling turn of events, a cat managed to open a heavy chest of drawers by herself and steal the socks which she took to hoard in a hiding place.

The socks had been disappearing for a while, but nobody could understand how the clever kitty figured out to open the door by herself.

As shown in the pet cam, she used both front paws and her back legs as leverage to shift the heavy furniture.

In another funny pet cam video, an owner spotted a kitten being a "jerk" to his brother in the worst way – shoving him off a high shelf while he was fast asleep.

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