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Chechen warlord and close ally of Putin fumes Russian President is ‘going soft’ on Ukraine

Putin 'will do anything' to stay in power says General Keane

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Ramzan Kadyrov has advocated for a “second stage” of the invasion, encouraging Russian forces to enter cities such as Kyiv and “install governance”. Kadyrov, whose rule in Chechnya is reportedly characterised by violence and brute force, is thought to be Russia’s second-wealthiest politician. In a video address to Moscow, the powerful regional leader said: “We need to start the second stage and enter other cities – Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson, all cities, entirely, and install governance.

“And then continue dialogue with other countries who want to have relations with us.

“If they want sanctions, we’ll fight against sanctions, if they want war – we’ll fight…

“As a warrior, I ask the leadership of the state to take this decision….the sooner the better.”

He added: “We are ready to execute any task you give us, anywhere in the world, without question.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], we are waiting for the order.

“Comrade Supreme Commander, your footmen are 100 percent ready.”

This comes after US officials claimed Putin had failed to meet his goals in the invasion of Ukraine.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, alongside Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, said the fact that he was able to go to Ukraine’s capital in March was proof of the country’s success “in pushing back this horrific Russian aggression.”

Meanwhile, in an operational update last week the UK Ministry of Defence noted Putin’s “embarrassing losses”, after two key Russian vessels were destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

Russia has so far sustained heavy losses in the war against Ukraine, with around 15,000 Russian troops thought to have been killed, according to UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

Mr Wallace said that 2,000 Russian armoured vehicles had been destroyed or captured, including 530 tanks and more than 60 Russian helicopters and fighter jets had been lost.

Kadyrov has previously advocated for increased force in Ukraine, when he described peace talks between the two countries as “pointless” earlier in the war.

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Speaking in a voice note on Telegram in March, Kadyrov said he believes Russia should “end what has been started” in Ukraine.

He said: “I am thinking about the negotiations, which are taking place in Turkey.

“My deep conviction is that the negotiations will prove to be pointless.

“I believe we must end what has been started, to destroy the Banderites and the Nazis and the devils.

“Only then we need to make a decision about what to do next.”

The Banderites were a group of right-wing nationalists formed during World War II.

The term is now often used to refer to Ukrainian nationalists.

Kadyrov also repeated Putin’s claim that the purpose of his invasion was the “denazification” of Ukraine – a claim that is widely regarded as being baseless.

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