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Children’s home chaos as staff buys child tattoo gun and kid builds flamethrower

A children's home in Leicester has been ordered to improve after a series of shock incidents were uncovered by Ofsted.

The centre, which cannot be named, has been accused of a number of failings – on one occasion, a manager reportedly bought a tattoo for a child who then gave another youngster a permanent tat, despite the fact the children were supposed to be under 2:1 supervision.

On another occasion three months ago, staff were allegedly slow to respond when one of the children living at the centre made a makeshift flamethrower using an aerosol can and a lighter, MailOnline reports.

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The child then used the crude weapon to threaten staff members.

It was also reported that the children living in the home were allowed to smoke, despite their age and one of them having a medical condition that could be made worse by the habit.

Ofsted inspectors recently published the worrying findings in a harrowing report.

The children's services watchdog has since issued compliance notices against the centre following an investigation in February.

The report said: "There are serious and widespread failures that mean children and young people are not protected or their welfare is not promoted or safeguarded and the care and experiences of children and young people are poor and they are not making progress."

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One recommendation made to the company was "that, when the needs of children are not met by others, they effectively escalate their concerns."

The name of the home hasn't been released and it is unknown how many members of staff work there, however two children are currently living there.

The report revealed that both of the children may have emotional and social difficulties.

It continued: "Staff are slow to respond to challenging behaviours from children. As a result, children's behaviours can quickly escalate.

"Children and staff are then placed at increased risk. For example, in August 2022, staff were threatened when a child used a cigarette lighter, and an aerosol can as a weapon.

"An earlier intervention from staff may have prevented this incident escalating. A failure to intervene compromised the safety of children and staff."

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Referring to the tattooing incident, the report added: "The supervision of children has been inadequate. There have been many incidents of children not being adequately supervised in line with their care plans.

"For example, one child was able to give another child a permanent tattoo after the manager purchased a tattoo gun for the child. Both children were required to have 2:1 staff supervision.

"Additionally, staff have failed to supervise children in line with their risk assessments. As a result, children have been harmed."

The Daily Star has contacted the company that manages the home, A&R Guardian Services Ltd, for comment.


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