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China ‘committing genocide’ with UK Uyghurs within reach of Communist Party warns Tory MP

China ‘committing genocide’ says Alicia Kearns MP

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Conservative MP Alicia Kearns has called out the Chinese Communist Party for carrying out “genocide”  against the minority Uyghur population. Discussing the human rights abuses of Xi Jinping’s regime on GB News, the Foreign Affairs Committee member highlighted the need to protect Uyghur refugees in the UK from the “tentacles” of the CCP alongside a range of tough measures aimed at placing pressure on China.

Ms Kearns told GB News: “The challenge that the whole world has been facing is what do you do when a great power is committing a genocide.

“This isn’t something we have seen in my lifetime and it is a real challenge for governments.

“So this report looks at everything from cultural protection, heritage protection through to import bans through to sanctions.

“Through to getting things through international judicial courts all the way through to asylum and making sure we are protecting Uyghurs also in the UK.

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“We have to remember the tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party are really quite long.” 

It comes just days after the China Research Group MP has told that the UK is in a “constant state of hybrid warfare” with aggressive foreign powers, notably Xi Jinping’s Communist Party regime.

Ms Kearns told “The way in which countries seek to achieve their goals and undermine others has fundamentally shifted.

“We are in a constant state of hybrid warfare where countries like China are using every single potential lever available to them.


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“From the cultural to the educational, to the military, to aid through to every possible scenario including disinformation.

“They are using whatever they have available to them to achieve their strategic intent.”

“When you have an autocratic regime such as China it is far easier for them because they can throw the whole of state effort at it,” explained the MP.

“Because they have that command and control function that they have and they don’t have a vibrant democracy.

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“So we have to recognise that hybrid warfare is not some esoteric afterthought that just sought of shove on and say oh yeah they are attacking us everywhere. We are constantly at war.”

Meanwhile, this week Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy called for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing over the ongoing human rights concerns.

The Labour MP said: “We have consistently pressed the Government for more robust actions to address this appalling situation, including more extensive sanctions against senior officials responsible for what is taking place in Xinjiang and more robust measures against forced labour. We are now calling on you to use the occasion of the Games to press the case for unfettered UN access to Xinjiang to conduct a full, transparent and independent investigation.

This has been repeatedly sought by the UK and other governments but has not yet been realised. If this is not granted, the UK Government should not send ministers, Royal Family members or senior representatives to participate in any official duties or ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics. “

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