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‘Chinese sperm factory’ clip shows naked men on beds – but truth is even weirder

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    A bizarre and very X-rated viral video from Chinese social media has caused outrage and confusion.

    The strange clip shows three Chinese men lying down in what looks like a hospital, with what can only be described as an automatic penis pump… milking them.

    It was claimed that the clip was from Chinese sperm-extraction factory when originally shared on social media, but the truth behind it was even weirder.

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    When the clip first emerged on Twitter, one user wrote: “What’s going on in China? Three Children Policy?”

    And well-known philosopher and author Jordan Peterson appeared concerned: “Such fun in unbelievable techno-nightmare CCP (Chinese Communist Party) hell.”

    Another Twitter user wrote: “Sure, the Chinese d**k sucking factory was fake, but what’s scary is that it COULD be real.”

    However, to make the saga even weirder, it actually turns out that the video stems from the UK as Twitter user @Songpinganq explained.

    They wrote: “I found this video on WeChat and they said this is China's collection room for sperm bank.


    “Turns out that this video is from UK.”

    According to the experts at Vice News, the clip was taken from a UK dominatrix website, but the exact one was not made clear.

    They claim: “A variety of milking techniques exist; there’s the pump setup that Peterson tweeted, where the subject lays on their back, penis skyward, cupped inside a tube that uses suction.

    “One can also lie face-down on a milking table, d**k through a hole for someone (or a machine) to tug it from beneath.

    “There are a hundred different variations of milking beyond these, however, involving varying degrees of equipment.

    “Most of the time, d**k-milking porn is part of a subset of other, more mainstream fetishes, like medical fetish (where there’s a doctor or nurse and patient role play dynamic) or fem-domming and bondage.”

    Well, we're glad that mystery has been cleared up . . .

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