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Chris Hansen arrest warrant: Why is the To Catch a Predator host wanted by cops?

CHRIS Hansen is a US journalist best known for his work on NBC.

The former “To Catch a Predator” host was the subject of an arrest warrant in July 2021.

Why is there an arrest warrant for Chris Hansen?

An arrest warrant for Chris Hansen was issued after he failed to attend court on Thursday, July 2.

The 61-year-old, was due to appear in a Michigan court after he assisted police with investigations that led to the arrests of three men who allegedly tried to meet up with underage girls.

Speaking to NBC25, Shiawassee County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Koerner said that Hansen was subpoenaed to appear before the court on Thursday but failed to do so.

Cops then confirmed that an arrest warrant was out for the TV star.

Hansen responded on Instagram to confirm the reasons why he had failed to attend the court hearing.

"There was a miscommunication about the hearing today on the issue, he said.

“The matter is currently being resolved."

The TV star was part of a sting operation with local cops as they tried to track down predators.

Cops reportedly used undercover chat rooms to pose as minors and communicated with over 170 people.

Three men allegedly attempted to meet up, according to NBC25.

They reportedly showed up at a hotel believing they were going to have sex with teens aged 13-15, according to reports.

Following his assistance in the operation, Hansen was invited by Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson to the hearing.

He said: “We worked with Chris Hansen to use his platform to reignite the awareness and the enforcement of what’s happening here and to duplicate it around the nation.”

Who is Chris Hansen?

Chris Hasen is an US journalist and YouTube personality.

He is best known for his work on NBC, in particular the former segment ‘To Catch a Predator.’

The show revolved around catching potential internet sex predators using a series of string operations.

He eventually left the news network in 2013, after a photo surfaced of Hansen kissing his then mistress Kristyn Caddell.

In 2020, Hansen was charged with harassment after a civilian filed a complaint against the TV star in a New Jersey court on February 28.

The Crime Watch Daily host was arrested in Connecticut in January 2019 for allegedly writing $13,000 worth of bad checks.

TMZ also reported that he was evicted from his New York City apartment for failing to pay rent.

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