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Clean-up crew pull out 52 ASDA trolleys from a canal in just two hours

A crew attempting to clean up a local canal were left stunned after dredging 52 trolleys from the water in just two hours.

The Linnvale Community Group set about cleaning up the waters in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

Eco-conscious residents were dumbstruck when they recovered 52 supermarket trolleys, primarily from ASDA, from three miles of the canal between Clydebank and Dalmuir.

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Daily Record reported how the group found an average of 17 trolleys per mile in the canal.

The publication added that there is a large ASDA supermarket near the stretch of canal.

Other trolleys included those originally from Home Bargains, TK Maxx and Smyths Toys.

The three community workers in their 70s gave up their free time to head the canal clean up.

An image shows two members of the group standing across the canal from Three Queens Square in Clydebank, wearing high-visibility vests.

The group hopes to follow in the footsteps of several environmental campaigners who have been successful in their own pursuits in bettering their communities.

Speaking on Tuesday (February 14), Stuart Gray, a member of the Linnvale Community Group, said: "We turn out every weekend for at least two hours to litter pick and collect dropped rubbish along the canal.

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"We try to retrieve litter from the canal throughout the three-mile stretch however we are quite a small group and would always welcome more help.

"We provide all of the equipment and safety gear to anyone in our team. We pull out about 10 carts every weekend at this location, and it's been a few weeks since we last cleared this area.

"The problem seems to be that trolley parks are very close to the canal here, and the sub-contracted firm who are tasked with returning carts to stores do not clear these trolley parks in the late afternoon, which would probably reduce the problem of carts being wantonly pushed into the canal.

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"Additionally, more needs to be done to educate people to take their litter to a bin, and stop just dropping it anywhere.

"Fast food outlets need to stop using polystyrene clamshell food containers – it is so distressing to see ducks and other wildfowl pecking at these and ingesting them.

"Plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans are also problematic. A returns scheme as proposed by the Scottish Government is to be welcomed."

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