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Clever gadget will rid your home of wi-fi dead spots – so you’ll never be without signal

Whether it’s converting the attic into an online gaming room for the kids, making a spare room into a home gym where you can stream workout videos, or downloading a box set on Netflix, every family has their own needs.

At the end of a busy day, it’s great for the family to reconnect by slumping onto the sofa together to stream the latest must-see TV show.

And if the Wi-Fi lets you down, there goes that precious shared moment.

But families shouldn’t have to compromise on speed and coverage, and Complete Wi-Fi’s clever new discs deliver.

Setting up is simple and only BT guarantees wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage around your home.

Nationwide research* from BT looked into how UK families are using technology in their homes.

It found that 43% of families agree their wi-fi connection restricts what they want to do throughout the home and half of people said they’d be put off buying a house that had lots of Wi-Fi blackspots. 

And if you regularly move rooms to try and get a better reception, you’re not alone – 22% of those surveyed said they do the same. 

Nearly a third of people said they had poor Wi-Fi in the bedroom – who doesn’t know the feeling of escaping to a quiet corner of the house for a moment of peace, only to be let down by an annoyingly weak signal?

If you’re a victim of poor coverage, you need BT Complete Wi-Fi in your life.

BT connects more than six million homes to the internet and it’s the only provider to guarantee a signal all over the house.

Complete Wi-Fi is easy to set up and provides a strong, reliable, fast connection in every room of your home – yes, even the bathroom.

This means it can keep up with the demands of modern life, whether the little ones are having screen time before dinner or you’re telling Alexa to turn the heating up.

It couldn’t be simpler: a clever new Wi-Fi Disc is placed in a room to extend your Smart Hub’s signal even further so you can rely on it wherever you are in the house.

BT Complete Wi-Fi isn’t like the extenders you can buy on the high street.

Not only will you get wall-to-wall coverage, but you’ll also benefit from faster Wi-Fi speeds, so you can stream HD video content throughout your house.

A four-bedroom home could see an increase in Wi-Fi speeds around the house with just one disc.

It creates a single, seamless network in your home by connecting the disc with your Smart Hub. When you want to get online, your device will automatically connect to the hub or disc with the strongest signal. 

Managing the network set-up is easy from your smartphone with the My BT app to make sure you’re getting the strongest signal around your home. 

The app will tell you where to place the Wi-Fi Disc and also check the strength of your signal in every room.

But don’t just take our word for it. Next time, two families who are fed up with their wi-fi dead spots will be putting BT Complete Wi-Fi to the test. 

And with the amount of demands these growing families put on their Wi-Fi, it’s not going to get off easily…

*BT Modern Families Report in partnership with Kantar

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