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‘Cocky and controlling’ Putin is ‘chameleon of charisma’ – body language expert

Vladimir Putin was "a chameleon of charisma" as he appeared "cocky and controlling" in his latest public appearance, according to a body language expert.

The Russian President recently appeared at a meeting about the development of the Russian automotive industry, sighing deeply over and over after he sat down.

According to body language expert Judi James, Putin's performance looked like "an attempt to appear cocky and controlling".

Judi also noted that the warmonger spoke quickly, suggesting he was full of energy and focused on the matter at hand.

She insisted that lasting conclusions regarding Putin cannot be drawn from just one body language performance, and in previous outings he's appeared frail, reports the Mirror.

Judi told the Mirror: "There is a suggestion of a chameleon style of what might pass for charisma: a man who will present in whatever way suits his aims and his audience."

Despite thousands having been killed and millions displaced as a result of his invasion of Ukraine, Putin has the ability to appear in other forums without showing any signs of contrition or fear.

Regarding the recent appearance she continued: "His style of delivery suggests he is giving information in a dominant way rather than trying to persuade or sell or even apologise.

"His body weaves from side to side as he speaks and he has some of that sense of ‘bounce’ that has been missing from some of his recent appearances.

"His feet and legs are hidden from view, which is an important factor as one of the more obvious hints of potential illness or physical weakness have been his foot and leg movements recently."

Putin is rumoured to be severely ill with either Parkinson's disease, cancer or both.

Western sources have suggested that he's even undergone surgery since launching the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Although there were no signs of illness in this latest outing, previous appearances have seen Putin appear to shake and grip onto tables.

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