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Colder weather brings rats indoors

Winter’s coming and rodents are looking for a warm place to live.

Vancouver, Victoria and Burnaby are the top three the rattiest cities in B.C., according to Orkin Canada – a pest control and management company.

Brian Hawkins with BigSteelBox, a storage company, said winter conditions drive rats indoors.

“Inside the house, they are going to be moving towards basements, attics, anywhere where there are large numbers of cardboard boxes stored where they can rip that paper up and create themselves a nest. And in furniture, if you move your sofa cushions, you’ll see droppings,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said it’s better to store items in plastic bins than cardboard boxes.

“I would not recommend cardboard or paper products because rodents like to rip those up. Put items in plastic bins that have handles on them that can lock and stop mice from getting in,” said Hawkins.

Being a port city, water attracts rodents, Hawkins notes.

“There is no way to really get around this. In the winter rats are looking for a safe haven to bunker down away from the cold weather, places that are out of sight but still protected from the cold, snow and the rain,” he said.

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