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Cop in fatal crash would’ve lost his car under councilman’s safety bill

An NYPD cop who racked up 10 speeding tickets and red-light infractions this year before fatally crashing on the FDR is proof that traffic-cam violations should carry stronger penalties, a city councilman said Monday.

Brooklyn Democrat Brad Lander said the Saturday night wreck that killed Officer Garman Chen and left two others seriously injured is exactly the kind of tragedy his Reckless Driver Accountability Act was designed to address — by booting cars with five or more violations in a one-year period.

“We’ll never know whether Officer Chen’s life might have been saved because we did not have it in place at the time,” Lander said in a statement to The Post.

“The bill targets cars which have numerous traffic violations, and would require offenders to go to a driving accountability course and eventually, have their car taken away if they continue to rack up violations. Officer Chen’s car had a large number of speeding violations and red light tickets, which would have made it subject to the bill if it was law.”

This year alone, Chen’s 2016 Lexus racked up three camera violations for running red lights and seven for speeding in a school zone, including on Halloween.

Currently, traffic camera violations carry a fine but do not result in points added to the driver’s license.

Under Lander’s proposal, a car that accumulates a combined five or more tickets for speeding and red-light running in a 12-month period would get booted until the owner takes a Reckless Driver Accountability Program.

Lander said the proposal introduced last year has support from a majority of council members, but not the mayor — so his office is trying “to resolve some of the legal and logistical questions.”

City Hall did not respond to a request for comment.

Chen, 25, was killed in a horrific, caught-on-camera crash near E. 23rd Street at 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Two passengers — city firefighter Kenneth Larkin and his girlfriend, Amanda Remy — where thrown from Chen’s black 2016 Lexus and seriously injured.

Larkin, 25, a first-year firefighter assigned to Ladder Co. 10 in Manhattan, was listed in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital Monday.

Remy, 25, was in stable condition after undergoing surgery, hospital officials said.

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