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Council installs CCTV cameras to catch out bad school-run parking

Council installs CCTV cameras to catch out bad school-run parking and issue £70 fines as locals complain about ‘bone idle, disrespectful’ parents

  • North East Lincolnshire Council has come up with the idea to fine parents 

A cash-strapped council has installed CCTV cameras outside three schools’ gates to open up a new revenue stream fining parents dropping off their children.

Three primaries will have them fitted after locals have slammed ‘disrespectful’ mothers and fathers.

They are the brainchild of North East Lincolnshire Council, who said in September it was forecasting a net £7.9million overspend of its 2022/23 budget.

Cars parking on Keep Clear markings will automatically be detected.

Reckless drivers caught stopping on the yellow zigzag lines will be slapped with a £70 fine.

It will be cut in half if paid within 14 days.

Councillor Ron Shepherd described the cameras as being long-overdue for the schools

The cameras will be installed before the start of term in two weeks’ time.

They will be set up at Stanford Junior School, Scartho Infants School and Waltham Leas Primary, all in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

For the first fortnight of term drivers parking illegally will receive a warning letter.

Locals have welcomed the move.

Andy Spall said: ‘It’s every school. Bone idle, disrespectful parents.’

Carol Hillam said: ‘Basically, yes, they should fined.

Scartho Infants School in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, which will get one of the cameras fitted

‘They know they are doing wrong but do it anyway.

‘A child does not have to be dropped at the gate.

‘It’s all about being convenient for the parent.’

Others saw the move as redundant.

Maureen Oglesby said: ‘Not a chance that’ll work.

‘Inconsiderate parents will park when and wherever they like to get their precious ones, save their legs from walking very far.’

The fines will be introduced next month.

Councillor Ron Shepherd said: ‘These are long overdue and will hopefully help to tackle some of the real issues we experience in these areas.

‘In Waltham and Scartho in particular, I know that there are major issues with cars stopping illegally and parking dangerously in the vicinity of the schools, blocking other vehicles and making the area unsafe for children walking to and from school.

‘We have seen some encouraging results at the other sites, so I’m hoping that we’ll see similar here.

‘I want to work with schools and parents to make the spaces outside our schools safe for children.

‘The solution, quite simply, is to either allow your child to walk to and from school if that’s appropriate, or to find a suitable parking space when dropping off your child.

‘Instead, what we’re seeing quite a lot outside our schools is parents stopping the car right outside the gates, in areas that aren’t suitable for parking, and parents getting out and walking their child to the gates, abandoning their vehicles.

‘It has to stop and I’m optimistic that this is the solution.’

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