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Courtney Clenney sobs in interrogation video over boyfriend's death

‘Please God, please, please, God’: Video shows OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney breaking down in interrogation room as she learned boyfriend died after she stabbed him

  • Clenney, 26, is accused of killing boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27, back in April 
  • ‘We have to inform you that Christian did not make it,’ a detective tells Clenney 
  • Clenney immediately gasps before placing one of her hands on her neck 
  • Eventually, she begins visibly crying and remains in denial over his death 

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, charged with the brutal stabbing death of her boyfriend, was seen sobbing in an interrogation room after learning of his death in newly-released footage.

Clenney, 26, is accused of killing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27, back in April after stabbing him with a knife. 

In the video, a detective begins by saying: ‘We have to inform you that Christian did not make it.’

Clenney immediately gasps before placing one of her hands on her neck and the other on her knee.  

OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, charged with the brutal stabbing death of her boyfriend, was seen sobbing in an interrogation room after learning of his death in newly-released footage

The interrogator attempts to continue: ‘Unfortunately, the doctors did what they could and-‘

She then interrupts, while breathing heavily: ‘Christian is dead? Oh my God. This is not real, right? No f**king way. Christian died?’

Clenney then asks for a hug, wondering if that ‘is allowed in here.’ One of the other men in the room offers but she only accepts him holding her shoulder as he tells her to ‘relax.’ 

They then ask her if she’s okay. Clenney responds, breathing heavily: ‘I need to hug my mom’ and saying ‘I cannot be left alone in a room by myself.’

She again tries to get the interrogators to tell her that this isn’t happening, saying she knows but just can’t believe it. The detectives respond by saying they’ll get her parents there as soon as possible.

Eventually, she begins visibly crying and trying to remain in denial over his death and angry that she wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital to be with him. 

One of the detectives tells her: ‘We can’t undo what has already happened. This is gonna’ be a process.’

Clenney then talks about how she had worried about having killed Obumseli, saying that she believed he’d have died if her aim had been slightly different. 

The detectives continue to promise her that her family is on their way and that ‘we’re gonna’ get you some support.’ 

At one point, Clenney noted that Obumseli’s last meal before the stabbing had been from Subway. 

The interrogators offer her a meal but Clenney declines, saying ‘what I really need is a hit of vape. Badly and even admits she’s ‘fully addicted to it’ as the detectives leave.

She also said she knew his passwords, which allowed detectives to get in touch with Obumseli’s family.  

Clenney pled not guilty to the slaying, going back on a prior confession to authorities amid a mounting mass of evidence against her. 

Now she maintains her innocence after being arrested four months after the murder at a Hawaii rehabilitation center, after suffering a supposed nervous breakdown.

Two weeks ago, Clenney was seen visibly sobbing in a Florida courtroom after being denied bail.  

Clenney at one point asks for a hug, wondering if that ‘is allowed in here.’ One of the other men in the room offers but she only accepts him holding her shoulder as he tells her to ‘relax.’

Clenney , breathing heavily: ‘I need to hug my mom’ and saying ‘I cannot be left alone in a room by myself.’

The interrogators offer her a meal but Clenney declines, saying ‘what I really need is a hit of vape. Badly and even admits she’s ‘fully addicted to it’ as the detectives leave

Two weeks ago, Clenney was seen visibly sobbing in a Florida courtroom after being denied bail 

Currently facing second-degree murder charges, the alleged femme fatale – who wore pink handcuffs during the day’s proceedings – has argued that she killed her beau in self-defense

The bail denial came after Clenney’s attorneys had requested she be released from jail ahead of her trial, despite the serious charges leveled against her

Clenney, pictured after hearing the court’s rejection, has pleaded not guilty to the slaying, reneging on a previous confession to police amid a mounting mass of evidence against her

The decision, delivered by a Miami judge ahead of Clenney’s upcoming trial, serves as the latest development in the ongoing case against the 26-year-old, who is accused of killing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli, 27, back in April, stabbing him to death in their Miami apartment

Clenney’s team wanted her to be free until the beginning of the trial, but that fell on the defense’s argument that her use of a kitchen knife in the brutal killing was a matter of self-defense.

The judge’s order made it clear that the court felt Clenney – who amassed millions posting pornographic content under the pseudonym Courtney Tailor before and after the murder – had killed Obumseli, and should not be let out.

‘There is no dispute that Defendant killed Victim in this case,’ reads the filing, before going on to say that ‘the only factual issue in dispute is whether Defendant was acting in self-defense.’ 

The judge then referenced the large amounts of evidence currently facing Clenney, which offered the court insight into the increasingly toxic relationship between the pair, which ultimately culminated with the April 3 slaying.

Text messages and security video appear to suggest Clenney was the instigator in the buildup to the murder – a sentiment the defense has since insisted is not the case, despite mounting evidence including text messages and security footage showing her alleged abuse of her beau.

Allowing that the ‘defendant (Clenney) and Victim (Obumseli) had a sadly volatile relationship,’ Cruz claimed that ‘from the evidence presented during this hearing, the Court does not find Defendant’s claim of self-defense on April 3, 2022, credible.’

‘Therefore, this claim,’ she went on, ‘does not “render doubtful” the State of Florida’s case,’ as the defense had previously said.

Clenney, pictured in court Thursday, amassed millions over the years posting X-rated content under the alias Courtney Tailor before and after the April murder

Deborah and Kim Clenney, the parents of defendant OnlyFans model Clenney, walk out of the courtroom after Thursday’s hearing. They have stood by their daughter’s assertion that she acted in self defense and suffered PTSD after the slaying

Prosecutor Khalil H.Quinan, center, was seen talking to the family of Obumseli before a hearing. They have asserted that Clenney has sought to use her gender and race to escape responsibility for her alleged crimes

Obumseli’s family, including mom Chio Obumseli (center), is seen arriving for the hearing, which was held to determine whether the 26-year-old alleged killer should be released ahead of her trial later this month

The order went onto elaborate how Clenney’s version of the night in question was not backed up by evidence, citing one inconsistency in particular – testimony from a Miami medical examiner that rejected Clenney’s account that she threw a knife at a then-rampaging Obumseli.

When asked if a stab wound could have been caused by a thrown knife, the medical official simply answered ‘no,’ saying that force needed to ‘penetrate the skin and muscle’ of Obumseli – who suffered a punctured artery before he died – could not be generated from a distance.

That testimony, delivered previously in the week leading up to the order, served as just one facet of the state’s burgeoning case against the model, which is bolstered by text messages, security footage, and photos that suggest Clenney engaged in a extensive campaign of both mental and physical abuse against her boyfriend in the months before his death.

Clenney’s hearing was held to determine whether or not she will be granted bail prior to her trial. Prosecutors had argued she was a flight risk

Clenney sobs in court on Tuesday as prosecutors play the April 911 call she made after fatally stabbing her boyfriend at their Miami apartment

The bloody knife Clenney used to stab Obumseli on April 3, 2022 at the pair’s swanky Miami apartment

Only Fans model Courtney Clenney (top) stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli (bottom) to death after plunging a knife just inches above a tattoo of her name.

Messages from Obumseli’s iCloud get into two incidents in particular that would have raised concerns if seen by someone outside the context of the couple’s toxic relationship.

On one occasion last year, Obumseli wrote that he had been stabbed twice by an angered Clenney in the leg. He mentioned in texts how he was subsequently left so badly injured, that he could barely walk. 

In another flashpoint the next day, a still hurt Obumseli described yet another attack in which he was hit in the head by his girlfriend and left with a concussion.

Then, in late January, Obumseli suffered two cuts to his cheek and chin after another alleged skirmish, with his wounds captured in photos since obtained by police.

Those injuries were supposedly severe enough that the since killed Obumseli would have to admit himself to a hospital to get stitches. 

Details surrounding these alleged fights were given for the first time in the recently released texts, which reveal that in the weeks before his death, Obumseli agonized about being subjected to racial slurs and intensifying violence at the hands of Clenney.

Text messages revealedthat Obumseli, a cryptocurrency trader, was attacked and stabbed by his lover in two domestic disputes directly prior to the murder

Now being used as evidence in a mounting murder case against Clenney, the messages depict a romance rife with abuse and physical attacks in the months before the killing

After being released last month, an attorney for Obumseli’s family said the texts and recordings show Clenney ‘terrorized [Obumseli’s] life’ – adding that they are  planning to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the aspiring model.

They also claimed that the text messages provide concrete proof Clenney had not been acting in self-defense when she stabbed her boyfriend, despite the defense’s repeated assertions.

‘It’s a clear pattern of her being unhinged and out of control,’ Miami attorney Larry Handfield said, representing the Obumseli family. ‘She was a threat and has demonstrated a pattern of violence and clearly, that fateful day, it came to an end.’ 

The first text messages took place in October 2021, when the couple were still living in Texas, and saw Obumseli talked about how Clenney had stabbed him in the leg following an argument, and that his wound hurt so bad he ‘couldn’t f**king walk.’

Security footage taken from the building’s elevator two months before the murder also showed Clenney viscously attacking her boyfriend, who appeared not to fight back 

Obumseli was rushed to the hospital but he died of his injuries. His family is convinced that Courtney was always the aggressor in their romance, and that she became a ‘different person’ when she drank 

In another message, Obumseli relayed ‘the next morning I still woke up happy I still gave you a good day even though my leg was hurting because my girlfriend stabbed me.’ 

He went on: ‘Did I make you feel like s**t for stabbing me? No just sucked it up and hoped tomorrow will be better.’ 

In another conversation the next day, Obumseli anguished over an additional incident of alleged abuse where he said Clenney spit on him while ‘pounding her phone’ on his face and on the back of his head. 

Still hurting from the injuries sustained in that tiff, Obumseli, a cryptocurrency trader and investor, pleaded with Clenney to open the door to their apartment so he could recover on the couch. 

The messages saw Obumseli say that he believed he had a concussion, and that he was bleeding and vomiting. 

Throughout the investigation, Clenney continued to post X-rated content on her OnlyFans page, posing nude for her thousands of paying customers

‘Now I have a lump. I’m bleeding. Throwing up,’ Obumseli texted, continuing, ‘I think I got a mild concussion and have anxiety.’

He further said that he slept in the apartment building’s bathroom for two hours in the wake of the alleged attack, and that he was ‘just lost beyond words.’ 

Five minutes later, Obumseli’s girlfriend responded, in a text that saw her admit to engaging in the abusive behavior, before seemingly brushing it off as no more than a lovers’ quarrel.

‘I’m sorry for hitting you in the face and the back of your head and spitting on you. Is it right? No. You just Piss me [sic] tf off, but still love you.’ 

Then, on January 30, after Clenney and Obumseli had moved to the apartment building in Edgewater where Obumseli would eventually be killed, more texts revealed the pair’s plans to purchase ‘blow’ – street slang for cocaine. 

Later that night, when Obumseli was out watching a football game, the pair argued over the tone of their messages to each other, with Clenney growing upset after her boyfriend answered one text with ‘Yes, Courtney?’

‘Yes, Courtney is unnecessary,’ Clenney texted Obumseli, according to the Herald. ‘I continue to have to explain to you how to act.’ 

The couple would then reunite before engaging in another fight – however, the details surrounding what exactly went down is unclear. 

What is public knowledge is that Obumseli would end up in a hospital after suffering two gashes to his face, requiring several stitches. 

As Obumseli was on his way to the facility, Clenney sent an ominous text message that strongly suggest that she had harmed him.

‘Hopefully this will give you time to think about your actions,’ the text says, with Clenney eventually, pithily adding ‘enjoy the hospital.’ 

‘Tell them your side then I’ll tell them what happened,’ she said. 

Seen her in a mugshot from her arrest, Clenney faces second-degree murder charges for fatally stabbing Obumseli, 27, in the chest while the two argued on April 3 

Obumseli then quickly wrote back ‘I’m not saying anything’ and ‘Ima say Football incident.’

The messages go on to paint a picture of how later that evening and into the next day, a bedridden Obumseli repeatedly chastise his girlfriend over the alleged assault and ‘getting stabbed multiple times.’

‘I was in the hospital looking forward to seeing you and you go drink and leave with someone?’ Obumseli said, apparently frustrated Clenney wasn’t home upon his return the following day.  

He then complained to his beau how she had been partying throughout his hospitalization, while her ‘bf is passed out on the bed getting stitched up Bc I lost to much blood.’ 

Days after Obumseli was stabbed, Clenney was regretful in a series of long-winded apologies. 

‘I love you so much Christian. I should have been at the hospital with you and i should have slept next to you i always have,’ she said via text.  

‘I feel extreme regret, sadness, and humiliation and I am so, so sorry for hurting you.’

Within the next three months, after another argument, Obumseli would end up dead, stabbed multiple times by Clenney, who then called police hysterically, claiming that she acted in self defense.

It was not for another four months that Clenney was taken into custody for Obumseli’s murder, with cops tracking her down to a rehab in Hawaii where she said she was receiving treatment for drug abuse and PTSD allegedly suffered as a result of the murder.

Obumseli’s family was subsequently left furious over detectives failure to charge Clenney in the immediate aftermath of his death, saying it was ‘because of her “privilege” as a “wealthy white woman”‘ and not because of her self-defense claim.

Clenney said she threw the knife at her boyfriend from more than 10 feet away, but Fernandez said the autopsy revealed a deep wound that could only be done at a close distance

Courtney, shown in court recently, is being held on second degree murder charges 

In a statement posted to Instagram, his brother, Jeffrey Obumseli – and the family – wrote they do not believe Clenney and demand that she be charged. 

The pair moved to the city of Miami at the start of the year – almost immediately, staff and residents at the One Paraiso building reported multiple domestic disturbance complaints about the couple, and had even moved to evict them.

Days before Obumseli was killed, police were called to the apartment complex after a a distraught Clenney told them that Obumseli had been ‘stalking’ her.

Body camera footage of the interaction shows security guards corroborating her story, and describing how Obumseli ‘came towards her’.

Within days, he was rushed to a nearby hospital but eventually died from his injuries.

Clenney called police a day before the fatal stabbing, begging them for help and telling them Obumseli was ‘stalking’ her. She is shown above in bodycam footage from that response 

Graphic case photos revealed that Clenney stabbed the much larger Obumseli inches above a tattoo of her name in cursive on the left side of his chest. 

Miami Detective Yermaine Briceno said in court that he originally believed Clenney stabbed Obumseli in self-defense, but further evidence altered his assessment.

Briceno testified to the court that he ‘learned that Christian was always the one trying to calm the situation down.’

‘Based on the messages and everything else. He was always the one getting hurt. And the defendant is the one unable to control herself and hurt him,’ he added.

Clenney, on the other hand, has attempted to paint a picture of Obumseli as a violent and obsessive stalker.

Judge Laura Shearon Cruz presides over the detention hearing of Courtney Clenney

Miami Prosecutor Khalil Quinan presents evidence during the detention hearing on Tuesday. He argued that Clenney should not make bail because she is a flight risk

An image of the blood soaked scene at Clenney and Obumseli’s Miami apartment after the fatal stabbing, for which the OnlyFans model is now standing trial

New photos released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office show OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney moments after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli in April

Bloody NBA-branded sweatpants that Clenney was seen wearing on the evening she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death

Prosecutors, on the other hand, have built a case around symbols of Clenney as the primary aggressor in what was a relationship gone bad – who thoughtlessly took Obumseli’s life in a fit of rage.

To back up her self-defense claims, Clenney’s attorney previously asked that Obumseli’s corpse be dug up and inspected by a medical examiner.   

Quinan’s filing additionally says that Clenney routinely beat up her Obumseli over the course of their relationship. He testified Clenney had one time stabbed him in the leg, and sliced his lip with a blade on another occasion. 

Lawyer Katherine Fernandez said Clenney claimed to have stabbed him in the chest after Obumseli grabbed her by the throat at the Miami apartment in April, according to the Miami Herald. 

The cluttered interior of the luxury Miami high-rise where Clenney lived with Obumseli

Clenney being being taken away during an evidentiary hearing on September 6

A note (pictured) that appears to be from Osumbeli to Clenney in which he describes her as the ‘sweetest and most annoying woman’ he knew. It is unclear who highlighted the various bits of text

The torn note from the victim to his girlfriend – photographed in the Miami apartment they lived in together on the night he was killed

You are honestly the sweetest and most annoying woman I know but I would never trade you for anything. We will go back to loving each other like in the beginning, and I will not hesitate to drag you to the aisle. I want to be everything to you. Your boyfriend, your best friend & your life-long partner. The man you trust to put his life on the line for you. I swear Courtney you are worth more than anything I could ever lose for your sake. I do believe that dreams come true, and I would love for to help me fulfill mine – which may be yours also. I truly love you that is why I said I love you so many times daily, which you probably didn’t know why – but I love you so I want to say it. I truly believe you are the one God set aside for me & likewise for you. Baby, you are the recipe when I’m stuck in the toughest situations and the only person I want to share my life with. I remember walking on the trail in Austin & I told you a poem that reminded me of you. Which made me cry and love you so much to the point where I told you to come take a walk during the sunset. The poem/song was called MY PERSONAL SUNSET …

Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, alluded to several calls Obumseli made during his frequent fights with his girlfriend that are unflattering of his client.

‘If you know you’re being recorded you’re going to say what you want to say, right?’ Prieto asked the detective. ‘That person has an advantage to know he’s being recorded, yes?’

One video that prosecutors leaked appears to show Clenney repeatedly calling Obumseli the n-word as he pleads with her to calm down.

Clenney claimed she threw the knife at her boyfriend from obrt 10 feet away but Fernandez said the autopsy revealed a deep wound that could only be inflicted from a short distance.

The OnlyFans star was temporarily taken into custody after police found her coated in blood on her balcony after the stabbing but was later released because they believed she had acted in self-defense.

She was arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas months later, and police were called to their home in Austin, Texas, on several occasions.

Messages reveal that weeks ahead of his death, Obumseli was clearly in great agony in a message to his alleged killer and girlfriend about being subjected to being called the racial slur and her repeated physical and emotional abuse.

‘Is love going to kill me?’ Obumseli aked in a March text, adding: ‘February was the worst month I had so far. I got cheated on. I got called that word again. I got slapped in my stitches that has re-opened multiple times and it’s not healing fast enough.’ 

Nearly a day after her arrest, Clenney’s popular, X-rated OnlyFans account was taken down. 

She is currently being held in custody pending the beginning of her trial, set to commence very soon.   

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