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Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Restriction breaches nationwide continue to grow

Since New Zealand entered lockdown, 44 people have been arrested including an aggressive Christchurch man who failed to wear a mask.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said the arrests are primarily the result of protesting and other behaviours of breaking Covid-19 alert level 4 restrictions.

Yesterday a 45-year-old man was also arrested yesterday after he failed to wear a mask and was aggressive towards supermarket staff.

The man was charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting Police and wilful trespass and is due to appear in the Christchurch District Court on Friday.

Last week, William Desmond Te Kahika, known as Billy Te Kahika Jr or Billy TK, faced two charges of intentionally failing to comply with the Covid-19 alert level requirements.

Police also charged 49-year-old Te Kahika Jr with failing to assist a constable exercising search powers under the Search and Surveillance Act.

Anti-lockdown activists and Covid-19 deniers gathered in Auckland CBD last Wednesday to protest the snap lockdown. Te Kahika was arrested about 43 minutes into the event.

As of 5pm on Monday, Coster said 44 people have been charged by Police.

On top of these charges, 108 formal warnings have been issued:

•43 of the formal warnings were for Failing to Comply with Order (Covid-19)

•23 for failure to comply with Direction/Prohibition/Restriction and 42 for Health Act Breaches.

Alongside, the formal warnings, Police have issued more than 500 infringement notices nationwide for Covid-19 breaches.

Yesterday, five people were caught drink-driving in Wellington District and 87 speeding infringements were issued. With some speeding exceeding 130km/h.

These infringements are in addition to the 40 speeding infringement notices issued on each day of the weekend.

Coster said Police have received a total of 1394 phone calls by members of the public who were reportingCovid-19 breaches.

In addition to phone calls Police have received a total of 7099 online breach notifications:

• 4280 were about a gathering
• 2162 were about a business
• 657 were about a person

Yesterday a man caught fishing on rocks in a large swell during lockdown at Muriwai Beach was heard telling police, “well I’ll just go somewhere else then”.

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