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Crazed plane passenger tried to open aircraft door before chomping on man’s leg

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    An unhinged airplane passenger tried to open the emergency exit door at 37,000 feet before sinking her teeth into a bloke who tried to stop her.

    Elom Agbegninou is accused of locking her jaw around the thigh of her victim, who is now so traumatised he has developed PTSD and contacted a military veteran hotline for support.

    The unlucky guy also had to be given antibiotics and an injection to prevent hepatitis after he managed to pry her teeth off his leg.

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    Despite his injuries, he succeeded in wresting Agbegninou to the ground after he overheard frantic airline crew saying “she’s trying to open the door”.

    Pilots were forced to reroute in mid-air and landed at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Arkansas where federal agents were waiting.

    The Southwest Airlines plane from Houston, Texas, to Columbus in Ohio had started to descend into chaos after the crazed 34-year-old pushed past the flight attendant and started trying to open the plane’s rear door.

    At one point she even started to bang her head on the plane floor, shouting that Jesus had ordered her to fly to Ohio and told her to open the door, according to documents from the US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas.

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    She had reportedly left her home for the trip without any luggage, opting not to tell her husband about the spontaneous journey.

    Cops said she told them she hadn’t flown on a plane “in a long time” and “normally would not have done those things” but was “very anxious”.

    She also claimed she had been having trouble breathing but admitted that she did remember trying to open the door and biting her fellow passenger.

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