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‘Crazy buffalo’ gores four siblings on horns leaving one with ‘guts hanging out’

A “crazy” buffalo has gored three brothers and a sister leaving them with horrific injuries.

The rampant mammal, called Chao Nok, attacked the siblings of the Thiamchan family in Uthai Thani province in northeast Thailand leaving three of them seriously injured.

The fourth sustained minor injuries, with police at Thap Than Police Station receiving a call at 10am today (Thursday, March 16).

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Officers heard how the buffalo had “gone crazy” from villagers of the Ban Nong Ya Sai, who described how one of the victims, 57-year-old Tiraphong Thiamchan, had been left with their guts falling out.

They said that among the goring of the four, that particular victim had been stabbed in the stomach by the male beast.

A team of responders including police, Tap Than District Livestock official and members of the Uthai Thani Rescue Foundation collected the injured and rushed them to hospital.

Tap Than District Livestock official Sa-ad Chanakijkorn used a tranquiliser gun to shoot the animal, which was said by villagers to be in a “state of mania” in an enclosure.

The tranquiliser is believed to have taken some time to take effect on the massive beast, not claiming down for some 20 minutes.

The best was then attached to a tree using a rope around its neck, Matichon reports.

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Chakkrit Saowaphat, 20, was nearby when the ruckus broke out.

He said he heard a noise while he was sitting down outside and rushed over to help.

Saowaphat explained how the three siblings were inside the buffalo enclosure trying to calm the beast down.

One of the siblings was stabbed in the neck by Chao Nok and another in the face, with both take to hospital with their conditions serious.

Tiraphong Thiamchan was punctured in the torso and is understood to have been hit through the stomach and, local reports claim, his intestines fell out.

The fourth sibling, 65-year-old Chawiang Thiamchan was nicked in the arm and needed stitches.

The buffalo is understood to have been agitated after being moved to a new enclosure and had been trying to assert his dominance.

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