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Crisp fanatic reveals her favourite flavour after trying 160 different packets – do you agree with her?

A CRISP fanatic has crowned Worcestershire sauce the ultimate flavour after trying a different bag every day for six months.

Laura Patton, 35, spent more than £500 having packets shipped from all over the world including the US, Russia and Spain.

She tried madras, chilli mango, Thai green curry, haggis, katsu curry, New York hot dog, oregano and even feta cheese flavours.

And her exhaustive search even led her to splash out £10 on a pack of grilled sausage crisps from Russia and source a super-rare pack of tomato ketchup-flavour Stobi Sticks, from Estonia.

Now, after sampling a different flavour every day for 160 days, Laura has declared home-produced brand Seabrook’s Worcestershire sauce top of her list.

The teacher, mum to a three-year-old boy, said: “I’ve been taking crisp snacking seriously for at least 13 years. I just absolutely love them. They are great for sharing and the ultimate comfort food. I have to limit myself to one pack a day otherwise I would be the size of a house.

“Some people are like it with craft beers or wine — I just like to explore the world of crisps. I have always been on the lookout for new crisps and friends often bring me a bag back from their holidays. So, when lockdown ended in April, I decided I was going to go for it and try and find the ultimate flavour.

“I’ve loved them all, to be honest. But after going round the world in crisps, my favourite is Seabrook’s Worcester sauce flavour. Seabrook is a real unsung hero as a brand. They are up and coming. They don’t get the recognition like the other brands.”

Laura, from West Bromwich, West Midlands, shares the snacks with husband Gregg, 35 and also a teacher.

She said: “My family think we are a little bit bonkers but they’re happy to try new flavours when they visit.”

The creative crisps addict uses the empty packets for arts and crafts when she finishes munching.

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