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Cuffed Rangers fan pleads with cop as chaos unleashed on rowdy Ryanair flight

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A bunch of Rangers fans have been booted off a flight to Spain for rowdy behaviour ahead of the Europa League final tomorrow night.

The supporters were on their way to Seville for their team’s huge football match against Eintracht Frankfurt tomorrow night.

But six of them never made it after being kicked off the same flight in two separate incidents.

The first ejection from the plane happened before the Ryanair flight from Manchester to Faro, Portugal, had even left the ground.

Footage circulating on social media shows police boarding the plane before escorting a man back to the tarmac.

The Rangers supporter, wearing a replica shirt, then appears to plead with a copper before later being seen in handcuffs.

But that was only the start of the drama, with the plane later forced to divert to Nantes, France, when a passenger needed oxygen in a medical emergency.

But while she was allowed back on to the plane after treatment, another five Rangers fans were booted off before it took off again, reports the Scottish Sun.

Some of the Rangers fans allegedly stole from the drinks trolley and abused flight attendants, while the crew were forced to make an announcement about the ban on smoking or vaping in the bog.

French authorities later released the five, and they were not charged or formally taken into custody.

“It was absolutely appalling behaviour from the moment they started getting smashed in the airport ahead of the flight,” said one witness, according to the Sun.

“Watching it unfold was completely embarrassing.

“It was completely sickening to witness – people so drunk and stupid on a packed airplane at 35,000 feet.

“They just ignored everything they were told. The flight attendants did their best, but they would not listen at all.”

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A Ryanair spokesperson said: “A small number of disruptive passengers were removed from this Manchester to Faro flight.

“One passenger was removed prior to departure, and following a diversion to Nantes, a further five disruptive passengers were removed and met by police on arrival.

“Separately, another passenger who required medical attention onboard quickly recovered, did not require further medical attention, and continued to Faro.

“Following a short delay of approximately 1hr 15mins in Nantes, this flight continued to Faro, where it landed safely.”

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