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‘Cursed’ doll similar to Annabelle found abandoned in woods inside glass case

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Urban explorers have uncovered an abandoned doll in the woods which fans believe is 'cursed.'

The porcelain doll, which is estimated to be around 50 years old, is caged in a protective glass case but has still sustained damage to its face.

Antiquated Archaic wrote: "Abandoned 1970's Doll she's about 35" inches with her Narra Case."

Fans of the page flooded the comments on the eerie post talking about how they wouldn't go near the doll as it was too creepy.

One user said: "I collect dolls but this one is really creepy….wouldn't go near it."

Another said: "WHY was she abandoned? Is it possessed? HARD PASS. NOOOO Thaaaank Yooou."

A third wrote: "The doll looks evil leave it alone it was probably left there for a reason."

While a fourth added: "Leave it abandoned. Whoever that doll belonged to is probably a spirit inside the doll. Tbh, I think all dolls are evil…

"Creepy sound seeking for souls! Leave s*** alone if it's not yours."

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"If the case is that good looking it was abandoned for a reason any of you ever seen the movie Annabelle," a fifth said.

The doll is being held in a hauntingly similar way to the "cursed" doll which inspired the Annabelle films.

Another user suggested: "She is probably related to Annabelle. Best leave her alone!!"

A second replied: "Annabelle's sister maybe."

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Annabelle is a purportedly haunted Raggedy Ann doll, housed in a glass case in the occult museum of the paranormal investigator's Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Warrens convinced a priest named Father Cooke to perform an exorcism on the apartment in order to cleanse the home of the previous owners before taking the doll into their possession.

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