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Curtis Sliwa blames gang-related mass shooting on illegal immigrants

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Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa on Monday blamed illegal immigrants for the gang-related mass shooting that wounded 10 people in Queens this past weekend.

“Gun violence is directly attributed to alien gang members whose country of origin, some of them may be fleeing to,” Sliwa said during a news conference near the scene of the bloodshed.

Sliwa also pledged to work with US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to crack down on gang members, and accused Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams, the Democrat-controlled City Council and outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio of having “demonized ICE.”

“We have to have a corporate relationship with ICE, customs and law enforcement, which has the best alien database of all,” he said.

Surveillance video released by the NYPD shows a pair of masked shooters wearing hoodies opening fire around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in what cops called a “brazen, coordinated attack” on a group outside Dos Bros, a Mexican restaurant in Corona.

Chief of Detectives James Essig said three “Trinitario gang members” and seven unintended targets were struck by the barrage of 37 bullets, after which the gunmen escaped on the back of scooters driven by accomplices who followed as they began shooting.

“These are the enemies of society,” Sliwa said.

“They are the ones who have already indicated to us that they have launched a domestic war in the streets of these communities.”

The Guardian Angels founder-turned-talk radio host added: “There is a whole new generation of gang members that have been recruited…They’re slashing people and shooting people for initiation.”

Sliwa said he would establish “an improved, strengthened NYPD Gang Unit and one chief to operated in all five boroughs” as part of a plan to restore the $1 billion that was cut from the NYPD budget amid “Defund the Police” protests last year and hire another 3,000 cops.

“We need more police. We need 38,000 cops in the street,” he said.

The suspects in Saturday’s shooting have yet to be identified but a law-enforcement source said Monday that the incident may have been tied to an internal gang dispute.

Investigators are vetting four tips, reviewing recent gang violence involving the Trinitarios and using surveillance videos to track the movements of the scooters, other sources said.

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