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Curvy Playboy model slow dances with enormous python in bizarre photoshoot

This is the moment Russian model Alena Vodonaeva performs a sexy dance while holding an enormous python, channelling Salma Hayek erotic snake dance in Quentin Tarantino's screenplay From Dusk till Dawn.

The busty 37-year-old reality star and model shared the video clip on Instagram for her army of 2.1million followers.

In the footage, the model is seen wearing a yellow jacket as she holds and strokes what appears to be an albino Burmese python in front of a yellow backdrop.

She lets the powerful animal – which kills prey by suffocation – wrap itself around her shoulders and neck as she dances seductively.

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The snake can be seen flicking its tongue as the pouting beauty queen strikes a number of poses.

Vodonaeva accompanied the video with the Harry-Potter-themed message: "Slytherin just got some new blood!"

Her awestruck social media fans flooded the video with comments.

One gushed: "You two look like the perfect match."

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"Everything about this video is just beautiful," another admirer said, adding, "I mean, look at those matching colours."

An impressed fan admitted: "I don't know how she can do it, I am terrified of snakes and would never have managed to take part in a photoshoot like that!"

Vodonaeva first found fame on Dom-2, Russia's longest-running reality show in which contestants have to build a home while trying to find a partner in the process.

In the past, the controversial Playboy model once claimed to have performed oral sex on her boyfriend outside the Kremlin.

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She has also claimed she is disgusted by overweight people and does not want them next to her on public transport or in the same swimming pool as her.

This comes after a python was filmed trying to eat an entire leopard by crushing it to death.

Another snake was filmed eating its prey alive as the unlucky creature let out bone-chilling screams.

One of the world’s deadliest snakes – armed with poison that can kill in five minutes – was filmed lunging at a man with its jaws wide open.

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