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Dad called ‘lazy’ for serving Christmas dinner in foil trays to skip washing up

An inventive dad has been ridiculed after coming up with an absolutely ingenious Christmas dinner time-saving hack.

While the vast majority of British families will spend their day cleaning the dishes – when not eating from them – one man's wife took to social media to post photos of her husband's Christmas day hack from 2020.

Rather than cooking the turkey, and every side dish under the sun, in trays that would need to be scrubbed, soaked and then washed, the clever dad cooked the entire family lunch in disposable trays.

This meant that once the cooking and eating had been done, everything went straight into the recycling bin, as it was all done using disposable tin foil trays.

For some reason, the recycling part of this was lost on the vast majority of the Internet, as commentators slammed the man for the idea.

One wrote: “This ends up in landfill I presume – It doesn't take long to wash a few plates – get the family involved.

“Get the family involved and use the pretty plates instead of this.”

And another person concurred.

They wrote: “My thoughts exactly – if everyone did this it would be so bad for the environment.

“It takes two minutes to wash a few plates.”

The man did hit back to claim that the family does “recycle often”.

It wasn't just abuse that he received, however.

One kind person wrote: “Might have to do this the way my toddler keeps smashing plates – she has plastic ones but gets hold of ours.

And another already uses the hack, claiming: “I already use baking trays to cook everything, paper plates are too small and don't hold gravy well but this is epic.”

The idea of being able to just chuck everything away after eating your own bodyweight in food does, however, sound very appealing.

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