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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Slashing tax will be a vote-winner for Tories

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Slashing tax will be a vote-winner for Tories

While the Queen’s Speech contained eye-catching measures, there was disappointingly little on how the Tories will shield people from the pain of soaring bills.

Yes, Boris Johnson is spot on to say that turbo-charging economic growth will enrich the whole country in time.

But those struggling to heat their homes and feed their families can’t wait. They need help now.

Prince Charles at the State Opening of Parliament, which marks the start of the parliamentary year as the Queen’s Speech sets out the government’s agenda

Fixing the crippling cost of living must be No 1, 2 and 3 on the Government’s to-do list.

So we welcome the Cabinet brainstorming ideas to help those suffering real hardship.

Relaxing childminder rules, for one, would reduce parents’ costs. But while such policies might make life easier for some, it is merely fiddling around the edges.

With inflation rocketing, the huge squeeze on budgets will leave 1.5million living hand to mouth, says the NIESR think-tank – and many more in serious difficulty.

The Daily Mail would typically run a mile from talk of a socialist-style windfall tax on energy giants’ profits to subsidise bills.

 This year’s Queen’s Speech came amid a cost of living crisis as families try to cope with soaring bills (stock photo used)

But the firms admit it wouldn’t risk investment vital to our energy future, so isn’t it worth the Chancellor considering it as a one-off?

There is, however, a simpler (and more Tory) way of helping people financially – letting them keep more of their own money.

Mr Johnson insists he wants to cut taxes. That would give workers more to spend and boost productivity and growth. Win win.

So get on with it, PM. Or family finances will be devastated – along with the Conservatives’ electoral chances.

EU ‘s deranged dogma

The Northern Ireland Protocol was always a chimera, effectively leaving the Province in the single market and placing a border down the Irish Sea.

Yet despite being a deeply uncomfortable arrangement, Mr Johnson had to agree to it in 2019 to outwit a Remain-dominated parliament determined to destroy Brexit.

With sensitive implementation it might have worked. But with predictable malevolence, the EU sought to punish Britain through heavy-handed checks on goods entering the Province.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pictured in April as he leaves 10 Downing Street for his weekly PMQs

This lack of good faith has led to a surge in sectarian tensions. As a result, Mr Johnson is now threatening unilaterally to suspend the treaty – just as the EU did last year, when throwing a hissy fit over Britain’s Covid vaccine success.

If the Government does invoke Article 16, a trade war may ensue. That would be in no one’s interest.

But No10’s obligation is to preserve the fragile peace in Northern Ireland – not kowtow to the EU’s intransigent dogma.

Stop toxic Stonewall

Recently the charity Stonewall, which broke down barriers by campaigning for the rights of gay and lesbian people, has embraced transgender extremism.

It now claims humans are not inherently male or female – they are just bodies.

Not only does this stance trample over women’s rights, it is anti-scientific bunkum that would not be out of place in a cult.

Yet such is Stonewall’s influence that this is being taught in schools, universities, Whitehall, councils and private companies.

This has far-reaching policy implications. But anyone rejecting the warped doctrine risks denunciation as a transphobe.

We should all be compassionate towards trans people. But the Government must stop Stonewall’s toxic politics being spread through the public sector.

  • The BBC’s anguished response to the Culture Secretary’s licence fee freeze was so extreme even David Attenborough must have feared the chop to save money. Yet if Auntie really is so hard-up, why are staff getting pay hikes most workers can only dream of? The sooner the compulsory cash tap is turned off, the better.

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