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Daily Star’s tomato hits streets as UK’s veg crisis causes chaos in supermarkets

The Daily Star’s very own tomato hit the streets yesterday to see how the veg crisis is causing chaos.

First the human-sized vegetable descended on Westminster with its own Veg Pledge demonstration placard, which urges Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to step up to the plate and “save our salad”.

There the brave fave met concerned members of the public who told how they were “shocked” the nation has been allowed to to run so low on key food staples, leaving supermarket shelves empty.

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The DS tomato promised them it would not rest until the Government improved food supplies both into and from within the country.

Our red friend also visited the produce aisle of an Asda superstore where shoppers were frantically filling up their baskets with some of the last vegetables said to be left in the UK.

The supermarket has begun rationing fresh produce including tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers amid shortages caused by poor weather in Europe and north Africa.

Our vegetable was swarmed by shoppers who tried to bundle it into their shopping baskets, but they left him alone after he kindly handed them free packs of tomatoes.

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When the hard work was done, he headed down to a boozer and guzzled his favourite drink – a Bloody Mary.

Our tomato said: “The Government must Ketchup on tomato production and Chip away at more spuds for the nation.

“They must Lettuce have homegrown salads, cucumbers and peppers – but maybe, just maybe, leave the sprouts.”

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