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‘Dark tourists’ visit Fred and Rose West’s ‘House of Horrors’ for sick selfies

'Dark tourists' keen on some macabre Instagram content are flocking to the site of the former home of notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West, with some even posing for smiley selfies and using creepy hashtags like "my favourite killer."

Number 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, Gloucestershire was levelled in October 1996 after police found the remains of eight women at the house, including the couple's own daughter.

Heather West, 17, was reported missing and eventually, police became suspicious of the couple, obtaining a search warrant to search their property in 1994.

Rose and Fred West abducted, sexually abused and murdered at least 10 girls, including their own daughter, before dismembering and burying their bodies.

Number 25 Cromwell Street was turned into a pathway after it was razed, and it has since attracted dark tourists, those who like to visit macabre sites usually connected to death and suffering, reports the Daily Mail.

An Instagram user calling herself "Serialously-killer-collection" took a picture of herself standing in the alleyway where the property, dubbed the House of Horrors used to be.

She captioned her snap: "As we pulled into the street there was a massive shirtless bloke sat outside his house in an actual armchair watching as we drove by.

"We never park directly outside where we are going and always try to be quick, discreet and respectful. This was the most uncomfortable I've felt, it seemed a very dodgy area."

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Nellyd1977 posted a picture of the street to which a follower replied: "No way, me and Katie are going here Saturday afternoon because we've watched all the documentaries."

While Brett Bichard took his husband to visit the notorious site to capture a photo together.

Brett said: "Throwback Thursday! Back when we were allowed to leave the country and I dragged my husband to the House of Horrors!"

Another person said he used his annual leave to endure a bizarre cycle ride from Bristol to Gloucester to "pay homage" to Cromwell Street.

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But the strange almost like-tributes to the murderous home got even weirder when one person laughed about taking so long to visit the infamous road.

He posted a selfie of himself next to the murder house and said: "In all the years I've lived in Gloucester I've never had my pic here lol", using the hashtag '#killers'.

A man also took a picture of his wife who was pushing their precious baby in a pram as she strolled beneath the road sign.

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Killer Fred committed suicide before their case came to trial, but his partner Rose was jailed for life after she was found guilty of ten murders in November 1995.

Rose is an inmate at HMP New Hall in West Yorkshire. She was previously at HMP Low Newton but was transferred in 2019.

She is one of only two women in the country serving a life sentence.

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