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Dartmouth music teacher, performer has prized organ stolen from vehicle

A music and English teacher in Dartmouth is hoping the public will help him locate his most expensive musical instrument, which was recently stolen from his vehicle.

John Varley says when he walked out to his car on the morning of Oct. 25, he noticed the glove compartment had been opened and papers were scattered on the passenger seat.

Later that day, he looked in the trunk and noticed his organ had been taken.

“I looked under every nook and cranny to make sure it was in the trunk, and it was in the trunk,” Varley said.

Varley came to the conclusion that it was stolen sometime overnight, outside of his residence on Rosedale Drive.

“It was the instrument that I used for all of my shows outside of the studio,” Varley said. “All kinds of local pub gigs, all kinds of restaurants and concerts occasionally, and festivals.

“That was always my workhorse.”

Varley, who also teaches private piano lessons in the community, says he’s used his friend’s organ and rentals since the robbery, but that’s not sustainable.

He’s hoping the criminal will do the right thing and return it to him, no questions asked.

“The only thing I’m interested in is getting the organ back,” Varley said. “I wouldn’t want to follow up with anything else.”

“If the person was able to get the organ back to me somehow, I’ll leave it at that.

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