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Death Row mum facing execution claims key piece of video evidence could save her

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A US mother-of-14 is on Death Row after being convicted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter who tragically fell down the stairs.

Melissa Lucio, from Texas, is facing death by lethal injection unless new evidence can be found that casts doubt over her conviction.

The 50-year-old was found guilty of the death of her daughter Mariah Alvarez, who died after falling down a rickety old staircase outside their apartment.

Ms Lucio’s life now relies on two pieces of video footage that the jury never saw when convicting her in 2007, the same year of the incident.

The first video shows one of her sons speaking to one of the detectives just hours after little Mariah had died, reports

A female officer asks the boy: “Did you see (your sister) fall (down the stairs) or did somebody tell you that she fell?”

He responds: “No, I saw (her fall).”

The second video shows a gruelling seven-hour integration Ms Lucio went through that started just hours after her daughter passed away and lasted until 3am.

Ms Lucio had no lawyer present and was given no food or water throughout the duration.

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She was then told by a detective: “Right now, it looks like you’re a cold-blooded killer. Now, are you a cold-blooded killer or were you a frustrated mother who just took it out on her?”

He continued by telling her “we already know what happened”.

After several hours of integration, Ms Lucio finally said: “guess I did it. I’m responsible.”

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Ms Lucio later claimed she took responsibility fearing another one of her children might be blamed because they were babysitting Mariah at the time.

Lawyers for the state of Texas brought up bruises on Mariah’s body with a medical examiner stating it was “the worst case of child abuse I had ever seen.”

Reports said that Mariah had “bruises from head to toe.”

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Following the reports ,detectives asked Ms Lucio to explain the bruises on Mariah’s body and she admitted that she smacked the child on the back sometimes.

Ms Lucio was then made to simulate the spankings during an interrogation.

Her lawyers have admitted that she had struck the child but said she was not guilty of her daughter’s murder.

If Ms Lucio’s appeal is unsuccessful, she will be executed on April 27 this year.

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