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Delighted deliveryman improvises a 'thank you' song

Doorbell camera captures delighted delivery driver improvising a ‘thank you’ song after customer leaves out treats for him

  • A deliveryman sings his thanks for snacks on a front porch in Racine, Wisconsin 
  • As he approaches the house, the delivery driver sees a basket of goodies 
  • He sings through his options and finishes with a thank you to the doorbell  

A deliveryman’s singing outside a Wisconsin home impressed the owners with his improvised tune as dropped a package off. 

In uplifting doorbell footage shared by Cassie Lynn Hilt from Racine, Wisconsin on December 7, the man wearing a UPS vest approaches the front porch to see a selection of snacks.

He then proceeds to sing his way through the different goodies as he helps himself.   

The deliveryman starts singing as he in delight comes across a basket of treats left out in the front porch of a house in Racine, Wisconsin

In the clip, he begins by humming ‘delivery drivers help yourselves’, reading the sign aloud.

The man then sings ‘thank you much’ three times, shuffling through the selection on offer.

He continued to sing out the various snack and drink options as he made his choices, harmonising as he crooned about ‘trail mix’, ‘Nature Valley’ bars and ‘Powerade’. 

The grateful deliveryman finished with a thank you and a thumbs up at the doorbell camera before leaving.

He approaches the house to find a series of snacks and drinks left out for delivery drivers

After singing about the selection of snacks on offer, the driver wearing a UPS vest says thank you and flashes a thumbs up at the camera

Hilt posted the video on Facebook, with the caption: ‘Coolest delivery driver we’ve had so far! Definitely put a smile on our faces.

‘I think he needs to try out for the next American Idol. Or at least get a deal with Nature Valley or Powerade.’

The short clip has more than 496,000 views and people in the comments love the charming video, some encouraging the deliveryman to pursue singing.

Ben Rewasiewicz commented: ‘Sign him up for American idol!’

Maureen Arndt added: ‘Too bad more people can’t be that happy.’

‘What a thoughtful way to thank your delivery driver,’ Andrew Moldenauer added.

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