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Donald Trump's family see in New Year without him at Mar-a-Lago as they attend bash ahead of President's election battle

DONALD Trump’s family rang in 2021 without him at Mar-A-Lago at his annual New Year’s Eve gala.

The President and Melania were forced to ditch the lavish celebrations in Florida to resolve an ongoing election battle with Congress in Washington DC.

Hundreds of guests, including most members of the Trump family clan, gathered without masks at the resort in Palm Beach last night. 

According to DailyMail.Com, attendees paid up to $1,000 per ticket in the expectation of spending New Year’s Eve with the President. All attendees had to be members of Mar-A-Lago.

Earlier in the evening, the President’s son Donald Trump Jr, who turned 43 today, and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle shared a video message wishing Americans a happy new year. 

Don Jr said: “We just wanted to wish you guys an incredible new year. 

“Obviously 2020 has been a little bit nuts and rather crazy, I don't think anyone's going to be upset about moving on from this one.”

Trump’s younger son Eric, 36, also shared a picture of himself posing in a sleek black tuxedo alongside wife Lara, who wore a glittery green evening dress.

Other footage of the event shows dozens of well-dressed guests mingling without masks, sipping champagne and enjoying the entertainment.

It is unclear how many people attended the gala in total, though CNN reports that at least 500 members had reserved tickets by Wednesday.

The New Year’s Eve party is an annual tradition that pre-dates the Trump administration, and typically sees hundreds of members attend.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were also in attendance, joined by Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend Michael Boulos.

Close friends of the President, including Rudy Guiliani, also made an appearance at the Gala.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was forced to return to the White House after a Republican senator announced he would object to the formal certification of Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress next week – triggering a debate on the issue.

It comes after the President, who has consistently claimed that the Democrats’ November victory was fraudulent, had been heaping pressure on Republicans to contest Congress’ certification of the results on January 6.

Republican senator Josh Hawley, who represents Missouri in the senate, announced he would challenge Biden’s victory during the certification of the vote. 

Despite no evidence of electoral fraud, Mr Hawley said he would object to the results on behalf of “millions of voters concerned about election integrity”. 

The move could create an awkward situation from Republicans who will likely be forced to debate the issue at length in Congress and the House of Representatives.

It also comes despite increasing numbers of senior party members publicly accepting Mr Biden’s victory, including senate leader Mitch McConnell.

Jen Psaki, Mr Biden's spokeswoman, dismissed the possibility of any change to the election result, adding: “Regardless of whatever antics anyone is up to on January 6th, president-elect Biden will be sworn in on the 20th.”

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