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Doomed Nepal flight pilot’s fatal move that may be to blame for air disaster

A potential blame for the fatal air disaster of a Nepal flight has been found, with an expert believing the doomed aircraft was the fault of the pilot.

Aviation expert Professor Ron Bartsch has suggested the pilot had misjudged the landing which subsequently caused the plane to stall and crash, killing 69 people.

The tragic crash could have been a pairing of the pilot miscalculations and the thin atmosphere of the South Asian country.

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Yeti Airlines ATR 72 had been flying from Kathmandu to Nepal before losing control and smashing into a Himalayan gorge in Pokhara, and it may be due to the "terribly difficult" conditions.

Expert Bartsch, speaking to The Sun, said: "That terrain is terribly difficult to fly – very strong winds and high altitude. The runways are very, very challenging, some of the most challenging in the world.

"When you're going over the grounds, it may appear that you're going a lot faster over the ground than what you're going through the air. I'd suggest that the aircraft has entered into an aerodynamic stall… that's what caused this.

"Normally aircraft don’t just fall out of the sky, particularly modern aircraft."

His comments were backed by that of a fellow aviation expert, Captain Byron Bailey, who claimed the plane had likely been "flying very slowly" at the time of crash.

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Captain Bailey said: "These approaches in Nepal because of the steep mountains require a steeper than normal six-degree approach whereas a normal approach would be three degrees.

"Basically the pilot lost control either through the left engine not spooling up fast when he wanted to increase power to maintain the three-degree slope or the pilot was too slow to react.

"It is a case of aerodynamic stall, that the pilots obviously didn’t mean to happen but they did. The aeroplanes are fine, it’s just the pilots got to be a little bit sharper I think on what they’re doing because the approaches are very demanding."

The official cause of the crash has not been confirmed, and authorities have said the chances of finding survivors of the crash are "nil", with three people still unaccounted for

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