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Dozens of men from Ohio Amish community come together to move building by hand

While some people use various pieces of equipment or vehicles to move structures, dozens of men in an Amish community in Ohio came together to help move a building by hand.

Video captured the move in June 2019 and shows numerous men outside and inside a shed as they carry it several hundred feet.

Bill Jancsurak told Global News the move happened in Parkman, Ohio and that according to one member of the community, they had “more than needed.”

Jancsurak said he was told 10 phone calls went out and it resulted in about 200 people turning up to help.

“They come together for each other,” he said.

According to Jancsurak, the structure was estimated at about 4,500 pounds and measured about 20 feet by 30 feet.

He said what was interesting was that according to one of the community members, only about 90 men were actually needed to move the building, yet more than double showed up to assist.

Members of the Amish community at times avoid “modern conveniences” such as cars, electricity and telephones, according to the BBC. As a result, vehicles designed to help in the moving of structures may not always be used.

The whole process took approximately three-and-a-half to four minutes, Jancsurak estimated, and the shed was believed to have been moved about 300 feet.

He added that the father of the property owner told him it was the “smallest building to be moved in this way.”

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