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Driver overtakes traffic jam then nearly crashes into oncoming car

Volvo driver overtakes string of cars then nearly crashes into oncoming vehicle before reversing all the way back down the road (and almost hits ANOTHER motorist in the process)

  • A Volvo driver was filmed reversing down a road after trying to overtake traffic
  • The SUV driver tried to skip the queue but almost crashed into an oncoming car 

A dashcam video shows the moment a Volvo driver was forced to reverse back down a deadlocked road after almost crashing into an oncoming car while attempting to overtake a traffic jam.

The footage was filmed by motorist Bob Mantom, who came face-to-face with the alleged queue skipper while driving through Birmingham.  

Mr Mantom then forced the Volvo XC90 to reverse right back down the windy road to the start of the line, in a maneuverer watched by a slew of onlookers. 

The driver’s dashcam video shows the Volvo veer dangerously close to another car that was waiting in the line.  

The motorist later looked up the Volvo driver’s number plate to discover his SUV was untaxed and should not have even been on the road in the first place. 

A dashcam video shows the moment a Volvo driver was forced to reverse down a deadlocked road after trying to overtake a line of traffic 

The Volvo was forced to reverse back the way they came after almost crashing into an oncoming driver

Video captured from Mr Mantom’s dashcam shows him driving just after 2:30pm on 22 July as he meets the Volvo driver making his way down the wrong side of the road.

The puzzled motorist can be heard from his driver’s seat, asking: ‘What the hell? Um, you’re blocking me, what are you going to do?’

Upon this question, the Volvo concedes and begins to slowly reverse backwards, leading Mr Mantom to think out loud: ‘So you’re going to reverse in, is somebody going to let you in?’

He then gets an answer to his rhetorical question as the pack of cars stick closely together, rejecting the Volvo driver who apparently sped by just moments earlier.

As the SUV continues to go backwards, Mr Mantom urges them to find a safe spot, commenting: ‘Come on.’

The Volvo almost veered into another car while reversing down the road to the start of the line

His commentary is interrupted as he gasps in shock, watching on as the Volvo veers wildly over the road and comes mere millimetres from pranging a Ford motor in the queue of traffic.

This leads to Mr Mantom again wondering when or if the driver of the SUV will pull over, 

‘Is she going to pull over?’ he says ‘You going to pull over, you going to pull over? Nope.’

He then allows the driver to reverse onto the right side of the road before they drive past with a toot of the horn, to which he passive-aggressively says: ‘Yep, bye.’

Mr Mantom later discovered that the car was not even taxed and therefore shouldn’t have been on the road.

Motorist Bob Mantom captured the entirety of the bizarre incident on his dashboard camera 

He shared his ordeal on social media, writing: ‘Head on with a Volvo SUV trying to overtake 20 cars in a queue for an island.

‘[They] reversed and nearly hit a car doing so, I had cars behind me so unable to reverse – other drivers didn’t let her back in that she overtook, I did give her room to [reverse].

‘It’s [the car] not taxed either.’

His post received dozens of likes and comments from shocked viewers who were quick to condemn the driver of the Volvo.

Lindsay Palmer said: ‘You did just what I would have done, it’s your right of way so make them back up.’

Kevin Brown said: ‘Report it for no tax.’

Chris Mimmack said: ‘Ah, just love it when someone has to do the reverse of shame.’

Any car which is on the road without tax is liable to a fine of £80 from the DVLA which could lead to a £1,000 fine if taken to court.

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