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Election 2020: Anti-Trump protester says he’d ‘blow Donald’s brains out’ during ugly clashes in Philadelphia

AN anti-Trump protester has been captured on camera screaming about 'blowing the President's brain's out'.

The footage from Philadelphia protests, shared to Twitter, shows a man shouting: "I'll kill him" as a crowd of protesters chants: "Trump is a racist".

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It comes amid increasing unrest across the US, as anti-Trump and "count the vote" demos entered their third night of clashes.

Scenes from Philadelphia show large groups of protesters from both political camps.

One man wearing a red hoodie and a grey hat, stands at the front of the crowd of anti-Trump protesters, leans over a metal fence separating the left and right camps to shout at the pro-Trump group.

He is holding a "count every vote" poster and appears to point his finger at somebody potentially filming him over the fence.

He says: "I will blow his brains out, I'll kill him. Bam."

He repeats: "I will kill him", adding: "I will blow his head off. Yep."


A man on the other side of the fence shouts back: "You are an American!"

Meanwhile crowds chant "Trump is a racist" while another man repeats the line in a sing-song voice.

A Twitter Live video showing scores of protesters milling around downtown Philadelphia was also shared from the scene.

The left and right camps appear to be split by a metal fence, as Kassam describes Trump supporters being "penned in", whereas "lefties" are free to move about.

Last night clashes were seen across the States amid one of the most nail-biting and important elections in a generation.

Violence erupted on the streets of New York City yesterday as tensions escalated once more in lower Manhattan, where cops arrested 18 people – and one protester allegedly pushed his bike over an officer's neck.

"Some were issued summonses and released. Charges and further updates to follow," an NYPD spokesperson told The Sun on Friday morning.

Shocking footage from the "We Choose Freedom" rally emerged showing what one reporter described as "violent arrests" being made near Washington Square park during the fraught election battle.


The NYPD said an irate protester attempted to strangle an officer with a chain and another person had a knife as the race heats up across the country, protests rage, and election officials scramble to finish the count.

Angry groups also gathered at critical vote tabulation sites in Phoenix, Detroit and Philadelphia, decrying counts that showed Biden was in the lead or inching towards a 2020 victory.

Local officials were distressed by the crowds and concerned about the relentless accusations of voter fraud peddled by Trump, whose was lambasted by some of his fellow republicans for declaring he'd won.

"Count Every Vote" activists danced to Childish Gambino's "This Is America" outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia, where a federal judge today rejected Trump's attempt to stop the tally.

Nearby, 30 Trump fans wielded flags and signs behind police protective barriers and there were no reported fights – but law enforcement was on high alert in Philly as a helicopter hovered overhead.

Insults were swapped tonight, as one young woman gave a Trump fan the middle finger, who in turn, called her a satanist, reports said.

And in the Pennsylvania city of Harrisburg, Republican Representative Jim Jordan led a pro-Trump rally and demanded the counting stopped from the steps of the State Capital.

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