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Elle Brooke slams rival Astrid Wett after she’s pied by KSI at boxing weigh-in

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has ripped into her rival Astrid Wett after the latter was brutally rejected by KSI at the weigh-in for her boxing fight.

Astrid is set to enter the ring against fellow TikTok star Keeley Colbran later today (Saturday, October 15) after she pulled out of a fight against Elle earlier this year.

Yesterday, Astrid and Keeley faced off at a livestreamed weigh-in in front of YouTube sensation KSI, who was in attendance as the CEO of Misfits Boxing – who are putting on the event.

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The two fighters were seen going at each other in a heated exchange before someone brought a microphone over so those watching at home could hear what was being said.

Seemingly in an attempt to undermine her opponent's online porn career, Keeley alleged that Astrid had a secret boyfriend who was watching on from the audience.

Pointing into the crowd, Keeley said: "There he is, is your boyfriend loving it? Look there he is, he's sitting right there!

"I bet no one knew that, I bet know one knew that – exactly!"

Astrid replied: "Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?"

She then turned to KSI, put her arm around his head and tried to kiss him. The rapper recoiled before bursting into a fit of laughter.

Reacting to the cringeworthy moment on Twitter, Elle suggested that it was a negative move for women seriously looking to make their way in boxing.

She wrote: "We want to be taken seriously as women coming into a male dominated sport. Imagine if the roles were reversed and JJ [KSI] did that to her…"

Elle also slammed Astrid for her choice of skimpy attire after Astrid was critical of her wearing a bikini at their press conference for the fight that never was.

"What in the Ann Summers was she wearing… To think she gave me stick for wearing a bikini too lol, this girl," she wrote.

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Astrid later shared behind the scenes footage of her apologising to KSI after the press conference, with him telling her it was "okay" and "alright".

Speaking later in the livestream, KSI revealed he rejected the smooch because of Astrid's earlier claim that Keeley's dad – TikToker Simple Simon – "wanted me to be her stepmum".

"That's why I swerved, because I don't want to be a part of that, man," he said.

Astrid and Elle had been due to face off in the ring in June this year before Astrid pulled out at the last minute over fears for her safety.


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