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Elon Musk has a 'strained relationship with Grimes' mom' after Twitter clash over politics, says family insider

ELON Musk has a "strained relationship" with his 'mother-in-law' after they clashed on Twitter over politics, a family insider has told The Sun.

The Tesla chief exec, who welcomed a son, bizarrely named X Æ A-12, with singer Grimes in May, angered her mom Sandy Garossino when he encouraged followers to "take the red pill", a phrase used by the far right to signify a political awakening.

Now, a close source says she has never seen eye-to-eye with her daughter's billionaire baby daddy, and it's caused friction between the two families.

"Sandy went to LA to welcome her grandson into the world, but it wasn't a long trip and she flew back to Canada," they told The Sun.

"There was already tension between her and Elon before he was born, they don't share the same political views and Sandy is not his biggest fan.

"Claire [Grimes' real name] gave birth right before the Twitter clash, which kicked everything off again. Sandy is very outspoken and does not suffer fools gladly.

"Their relationship is definitely strained and it's unlikely it will improve anytime soon as Elon continues to get people's backs up.

"Most guys would want to get on the right side of their mother-in-law, but it seems he doesn't care who he offends.

The situation has been "tough" on Sandy and stepdad, Ravi Sidhoo, the director of East India Carpets in Vancouver, according to the insider.

"They support Claire 100 percent, but Elon's tweets are a big problem and they wish he wasn't so controversial," the source added.

"Any wedding in the future could be an interesting affair, there has already been drama in the past with Sandy and Ravi's families."

Sandy, a respected journalist and former trial lawyer, has previously been trolled on Twitter for being Elon's 'mother-in-law' after posting her own political views, but has chosen not to engage.

However, she previously blasted the entrepreneur for his red pill tweet, writing: "If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks… And you were over 16 years old, Would you be blaring MRA bullsh** on Twitter right now?"

Republicans praised Elon for his post, as he campaigned against the coronavirus lockdown, with Ivanka Trump even writing back: "Taken!"

The SpaceX founder didn't respond to Sandy's criticism, and she decided to remove her scathing post after it made headlines.

He later claimed he wasn't endorsing Trump, telling the New York Times: "No, it's just: Accept reality as it is as opposed to what you wish it were."

But he went on to annoy Grimes herself last week by telling his followers: "Pronouns suck," which was interpreted by many as a dig at trans/non-binary people.

She decided not to stay silent, begging him: "I love you but please turn off ur phone or give me a dall [sic]. I cannot support hate. Please stop this. I know this isn't your heart."

Elon also threw his support behind Kanye West's presidential campaign, before appearing to backtrack after he shocked fans with his anti-abortion comments.




Canadian singer Grimes has been dating 49-year-old Elon since 2018 after they first connected on Twitter, and they welcomed their baby boy in May.

He is Grimes' first child and Musk's seventh, with six children from his first marriage to author, Justine Musk.

The Sun has reached out to Elon's rep and Sandy for comment.

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