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Elon Musk planning secret product codenamed ‘X’ as part of Twitter takeover

Elon Musk: What will happen to Twitter now?

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The Tesla boss is working on a mysterious product currently only known as ‘X’. The mysterious new product was mentioned in Mr Musk’s Twitter takeover plans and is thought to be part of the billionaire’s ambition to attract 104 million users to the platform by 2028. The news comes following Mr Musk’s jaw-dropping £34billion purchase of the social media platform.

Mr Musk has revealed he will direct massive structural changes at the social media giant.

The Space X CEO has gathered more than 91 million followers on Twitter.
However, Elon Musk’s previously announced plan to get all spam bots banned from Twitter could see him lose more than half of his followers.

It was revealed that more than 50 percent of his followers are fake or spam bots.

An analysis carried out by Twitter auditors SparkToro estimates that around 53.3 percent of Mr Musk’s followers are ‘fake followers’.

They are non-human algorithms or spam accounts.

He has stated that he wants to curb restrictions on free speech on the social media platform.

This week he told shareholders that under his leadership the company’s annual profits will soar.

His plans for Twitter were leaked to The New York Times earlier this week.

In the plans, Mr Musk wants Twitter’s current 217 million to rise to 931 million in 2028.

The billionaire now expects more people to join Twitter under his leadership.

He has stated his ambition to acquire an extra £10 of average revenue from each user per year.

To achieve this ambition, 1,725 new workers will be hired by Twitter while 893 existing employees are to be asked to leave.

The plans revealed that Mr Musk wants to “shed workers” and recruit new talent in engineering.

The recently launched Twitter Blue, which for £2.57 a month subscribers can customise their experience, is expected to bring in 159 million new users within six years.

The SpaceX owner’s vision is for Twitter to rely less on advertising so much so that it drops to just half of the company’s revenue.

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