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Employee at coffin workshop found dead in forest

An undocumented Ukrainian employee at a coffin workshop in Poland was found dead in a forest earlier this month, according to the Independent, which cited Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza

Vasyl Chorny, 36, was discovered in western Poland by a forester on June 13. He had reportedly fallen ill at work and was dropped off in the woods by his boss. identified only as Grazyna F, who feared that calling emergency services would alert authorities to the fact that she was employing undocumented workers. 

Chorny purportedly convulsed and fainted at the workshop, which is located in the village of Jastrzebsko Stare. His colleagues told police that their employer had forbidden them from calling an ambulance. 

Grazyna F was apprehended last week. She may face up to five years in jail if convicted of unintentionally causing Chorny’s death. 

Approximately 1.2 million Ukrainians are registered in Poland, but experts estimate there are hundreds of thousands more migrants that are working in the country illegally, the Independent notes. 

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