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Everything you need to know about BLM activist Sasha Johnson

Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is in a critical condition after being shot in the head, according to The Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

TTIP is a political party that "focuses on making real change by ensuring that we take initiative where the government has failed to," according to their website.

Their key areas of concern include "the benefits system, education, housing, the spate of knife crime, managed discrimination and taxation".

In a message on Instagram, TTIP said: “It is with great sadness that we inform you that our own Sasha Johnson has been brutally attacked and sustained a gunshot wound to her head. She is currently in intensive care and in a critical condition.”

Here we take a closer look at who Sasha Johnson is, and the important work she has done for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Who is Sasha Johnson?

Sasha Johnson, 27, is a mum-of-two who graduated from Oxford with a First in Social Care, and is now a member of the newly-formed Taking the Initiative Party's Executive Leadership Committee.

TTIP describe her as a "strong, powerful voice for our people and our community", and said she has been "actively fighting for black people and the injustices that surround the black community".

On her Instagram bio, she describes herself as an “activist and freedom fighter” who is “working to unite the people on the journey to liberation”.

Sasha, the self-styled "Black Panther of Oxford", has an "immense passion for implementing change and justice and has been actively supporting the eradication of injustices in society by attending and leading protests," according to the TTIP website.

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According to her party, "not everyone agrees with her methods", however, "she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in".

A post on their website continues: "She is also committed to feeding the homeless and has personally been involved in delivering food and groceries to families that are in need."

In a series of tweets, the BLM UK organisation showed their support for Sasha, who they say aren't "a part of our organisation", but was "at the forefront of many BLM protests last summer".

In August 2020, Sasha helped organise the inaugural Million People Marche against systemic racism in London, in the wake of the death of George Floyd in the US.

According to reports, she hoped this movement would "empower the community to strive for better".

BLM UK added: "Any attempt to intimidate or silence her, is an attack on all of us. Touch one, touch all.

"We pray that she will pull through this and those who threatened her life are held accountable. Our thoughts are with her children, family, and all impacted by this senseless attack."

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