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Evil Edinburgh dad who shot and stabbed son GUILTY of murdering tot in revenge against his ex

A DESPICABLE Scots dad who killed his infant son to get revenge against his former partner for ending their relationship has been jailed for murder.

Lukasz Czapla, 41, was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh today after killing his son, Julius, at his home in the capital in November 2020.

The vile thug has been caged for life with a 23 year punishment part for murdering defenceless Julius.

Czapla killed his two-year-old son by shooting him in the head with an air pistol, stabbing him with a skewer and suffocating him.

Prosecutors stated that the Czapla killed the tot to “get back” at and “hurt” his former partner, Patrycja Szczesniak, after discovering she had started a new relationship.

The court heard how Patrycja had split from Czapla in June that year but was happy to allow him to look after defenceless Julius.

But on the night of November 20, 2020, she told Czapla that she was seeing somebody else in a text message.

This prompted him to send her a series of bizarre texts asking her about her new partner and her sex life.

His messages were ignored and Czapla then downed antidepressants with wine and decided to shoot Julius three times in the head with a gas-powered air pistol – three ball bearings were recovered from the tots head.

Czapla’s claims that he was of "diminished responsibility" at the time he killed Julius were rejected by the jury and they convicted him of murder.

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He had already pleaded guilty to nine other charges that include driving offences, drug possession as well as having an air weapon.

On Monday a childhood friend of the brute told the court how his pal joked about killing the child.

Wojciech Marchlewski, 41, told the jury how Czapla laughed after making the remark about his young son.

During his nine-day trial, the jury heard how Julius’s mum, Patrycja, “screamed” for help because her former partner “killed” her “baby”.

Giving evidence, Joanne Gorrie, 27, a neighbour of Czapla said: “Patrycja started screaming. She started shouting ‘my baby, my baby, he killed my baby. Please help my baby'."

After this the brute drove away, committing road traffic offences as he tried to flee the scene.

Juliusz was murdered only for revenge

Czapla claimed he suffered from poor mental health at the time he killed Julius and it was so bad that it affected his actions and he acted out of character.

His lawyer Iain McSporran QC argued that his client’s health condition was such that he should be convicted of culpable homicide and not murder.

One psychiatrist told the court that Czapla did have poor mental health – but his depression wasn’t so bad that it made him commit murder.

He described Czapla’s actions as “narcissistic” and “entitled”.

After being convicted Judge Lord Beckett remanded him in custody.

Ms Szczesniak released a heartfelt statement and has asked for her privacy to be respected.

Man who killed his two-year-old son did it out of ‘spite towards ex-partner’, court told

She said: "I only wanted the best for you. If only I could only turn back time to have you in my arms again my child.

"Despite the breakup with Juliusz's dad, I wanted him to have contact with our son. I never stopped him seeing Juliusz. Julek loved him like every child loves their dad. He trusted him, he trusted him completely.

"Juliusz was murdered only for revenge. His dad wanted me to suffer, he succeeded and achieved his goal, at the cost of my beloved little boy’s life.

"If only I knew what was going to happen. I would have never thought he could do this to my child. He was only two-and-a-half.

"Every day I think about Juliusz. I can't imagine what his little, helpless heart felt that night and I feel his fear and pain every day. He was part of me, part of my heart and soul.

"I wish I could hug him, play with him and watch him grow. Every day I ask myself why there is so much evil in this world, why the innocent have to suffer.

"He not only took Juliusz life but my life too. That day, the world stopped, not only for me but also for my mother and my sister.

"Juliusz was a very happy child. He lit up the place wherever he showed up. He could put a smile on anyone's face and always looked forward to calls with his Grandma and Auntie. They managed to build a strong relationship despite the distance in miles between us and enjoyed every minute they had together.

"It is breaking our hearts that we are no longer able to take his hand and lead him through life. To watch him enjoy riding his bike and eating his favourite ice cream. Listen to his giggling and laughing and being amazed by the things he learned every day.

"There was so much we wanted to show him but this chance was brutally taken from us and now the only thing we can do is to prey for the highest possible punishment. We want to believe in the justice system and that justice will be served, although I know there is no sentence that will bring my angel back to life.

"Czapla should not have the right to any defence and we will fight to ensure that monster never leaves prison.

"My suffering and my pain will stay with me for the rest of my life. But the unconditional love I have for my baby; my dearest child Juliusz will never end.

"My family, friends and l will miss him dearly and we will suffer his loss until the end of our days.

"Juliuszek left us the most beautiful memories that will remain in our hearts forever."

Detective Inspector Bob Williamson, of Police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team, said: "Julius was a bright, happy young boy and his loss in such horrendous circumstances has been devastating for his mother and his family. Lukasz Czapla is now facing the consequences of his actions.

"The outcome of this case will never bring Julius back but it does bring this aspect to a close. Julius’s family have understandably asked for privacy during this difficult time.

"I would like to thank the local community and our dedicated team of officers, along with our partner agencies, who assisted throughout the duration of the investigation."

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