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Extinction Rebellion's latest climate change stunt

They’re at it again! Extinction Rebellion activists let off smoke flares and pour black paint outside Home Office building in eco-mob’s latest climate change stunt

  • Extinction Rebellion threw black paint outside the Home Office in a protest 
  • Two eco-zealots tied themselves together with a tube and set off black flares
  • A group of the protesters also dressed up as yellow birds in the demonstration

Extinction Rebellion activists have let off smoke flares and poured black paint outside the Home Office today.

A group of the protestors was surrounded by police as they held placards and lay on the ground next to the office building.

The eco-zealots poured the black paint out of plastic buckets which had ‘end coal’ written on the side.

Two of the protesters appear to have attached themselves together with a large tube.

Two protestors have put their arms in a tub and set off flares outside of the Home Office in London

A group of Extinction Rebellion protesters poured buckets of black paint on the ground outside the building 

Police stand guard outside of the Home Office as two men attempt to clean up the black paint

Staff and security attempted to clean up the black paint with mops and brushes following the demonstrations

Both set off flares and shouted as they sat next to the Home Office entrance. 

The protest comes two weeks after Extinction Rebellion (XR) said it would abandon disruptive protests and prioritise dialogue instead.

Representatives from the group said at the start of the month it would ‘prioritise attendance over arrest and relationships over roadblocks’. 

XR said today’s stunt was in protest to the newly-approved coal mine in Cumbria, given the green light by Levelling Up, Housing and Communities minister Michael Gove last month.

The group said online: ‘In the middle of the climate and ecological emergency, this will be the UK’s first new deep coal mine in 30 years. It’s time to #EndCoal.

‘2022 saw record global greenhouse gas emissions, but the government would rather put their own profit over the lives of the people.

‘Providing unstable jobs in the coal sector during a climate crisis is not justice. Opening a coal mine in a region of the UK that is already disproportionately affected by the climate crisis with floods increasing and unprecedented rainfall will cost lives.’ 

Members of Extinction Rebellion dressed up as yellow birds and flapped their arms as part of the protest

A cleaner attempts to mop up the black paint outside the Home Office following the protest

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