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Extraordinary moment Ukraine obliterates entire Russian military convoy

Ukrainian military hit Russian artillery convoy

Ukraine has continued to devastate Russian troops on the frontline as Kyiv’s counter-offensive continues. An extraordinary video captured by the Ukrainian military and shared on social media shows Kyiv’s forces taking out an entire Russian military convoy. The attack took place near Ocheretuvate, Zaporizhia Oblast, in south-east Ukraine, where heavy fighting is ongoing.

The video shows Ukraine unleashing guided multiple-launch rockets on a Russian-towed artillery convoy

The Russian military convoy appears like sitting ducks as they are left helpless to counter the ambush.

The Ukrainian missiles blew up an MTLB – a Russian tank – as well as around six trucks which appear to be each towing an artillery weapon.

The attack sparked panic among the Russian troops on the ground, with many of the vehicles destroyed or on fire, as smoke billowed into the sky.

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@Tendar, a Twitter account that monitors the conflict in Ukraine, tweeted: “The tungsten rain of GMLRS took out several vehicles, causing havoc among Russian troops.”

Social media user InRodWeTrustMTL tweeted in response to the video: “As I keep pointing out, #Ukraine is obliterating #Russian artillery, especially on the southern #Zaporizhzhia front.

“In this example, Ukraine uses drones to adjust artillery fire and they destroy an entire convoy of supply trucks and towed Russian artillery.”

This latest ambush comes as Zaporizhzhia governor Yurii Malashka said that there were 45 Russian air and artillery attacks between Friday and Saturday.

British missile ‘liquidates’ Russian General in Ukraine

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Ukraine also confirmed that they had downed 10 Russian drones across the country on Friday and overnight.

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defence has warned that Russia’s military leadership is likely to face an increasing problem in being directly criticised by subordinate

In its latest intelligence briefing, the MoD discussed the sacking of Russia’s Major General Ivan Popov.

General Popov was dismissed after he ripped into the Russian top brass in a leaked video intended for his troops.

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The commander of the 58th Combined Arms army, which is fighting near Zaporizhzhia, said the Russian defence ministry leadership was “hitting us from the rear, viciously beheading the army at the most difficult and intense moment”.

The UK ministry said General Popov was “dismissed for voicing concerns rather than for any alleged poor performance”.

The ministry tweeted: “Popov’s comments draw attention to serious disaffection many officers likely harbour towards the senior military leadership.

“The complaints largely echo those made by Wagner Group owner Yevgeny Prigozhin prior to his June 2023 mutiny.

“Direct criticism from subordinates is likely to become an increasing problem for defence minister Sergei Shoigu and chief of the general staff General Gerasimov.”

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