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Extreme couponing lands couple in prison on fraud charges

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The FBI has released new information about a Virginia Beach couple’s $31.8 million coupon fraud scheme.

“There were coupons in every jacket pocket; they were stuffed in her vehicles,” said Postal Inspector Jason Thomasson, who worked the case.

During their probe, Thomasson discovered that Talens used her background in marketing and her strong computer design skills to create a coupon for almost any grocery or drug store product. She would put whatever value off she wanted, and the discount was often near or even over the retail value of the item.

“She had coupons for $24.99 off a $25 box of diapers. And it would work,” said Thomasson. “And you’d have people walking out the door with those diapers for almost nothing.”

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