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Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s lavish life including robot butler-run home

Despite being a very private person, Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth an eye-watering $121.6 billion (£88.2bn), leads a super luxurious life.

The 37-year-old tech billionaire currently resides in a five-bedroom property, in what has been reported as being a "robot-butler-run" house in Palo Alto, California.

Along with his wife, Priscilla Chan, and their two daughters, Maxima, five, and August, four, the family lives in the $7 million (£5.1m) smart house, which has five bathrooms and is located in the Crescent Park neighbourhood of Palo Alto.

Over the years, the media magnate who co-founded Facebook – which has recently been rebranded Meta – has made some major refurbishment on the property which has been described by Architectural Digest as a "no-frills abode that chooses function over extravagance".

Not only does Mark’s lavish home encompass a saltwater pool, an entertainment pavilion and various other upscale features, but it is also run by a robot butler, which is reportedly voiced by Morgan Freeman, notable for playing God in two separate movies.

The high-tech assistant can adjust room temperature, cook and even tutor Mark’s children in Mandarin.

Nevertheless, the successful internet entrepreneur did not stop at that single Palo Alto property as he started buying neighbouring houses around it.

The dad-of-two has reportedly cashed out on $50.8 million (£36.9m) worth of properties in total for the area, extending to at least 1.83 acres, 15 bedrooms and over 16 bathrooms.

According to The Sun, Mark uses four other neighbouring houses as guest homes and recreational facilities.

Additionally, the Harvard graduate owns an impressive 1,400 acres of land in Hawaii which has been estimated to be worth $116 million (£84.2m).

Mark’s lavish Hawaii property comprises a 6,100-square-foot mansion which includes a 16-car garage, as well as office spaces.

In addition, the splendid tropical home includes part of Mark’s $23 million (£16.7m) security team’s headquarters.

The co-founder of Solar Sail’s list of extravagant belongings extends to his £42.m holiday homes in Lake Tahoe, which he bought in 2018.

Furthermore, he is often photographed wearing casual and simple clothes, however worth hundreds of dollars, while driving £1m sports cars, such as his Pagani Huayra, purchased in 2014.

Besides Mark’s deluxe possessions, he has also established a renowned inner circle as it has been reported that the tech mogul is friends with Fast and Furious actor, Vin Diesel.

Moreover, Green Day’s lead singer, Billie Joe, reportedly sang at Mark’s wedding in 2012.

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