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Former MP Natalie McGarry has been found guilty of embezzling almos…

Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry is found guilty of embezzling £25,000 from Scottish independence groups after claiming she was ‘naive’ for not keeping receipts for expenses claims

  • Former Glasgow East MP Matalie McGarry guilty of embezzling near £25,000
  • Took £21,000 as treasurer of Women for Independence between 2013 and 2015

Former MP Natalie McGarry has been found guilty of embezzling almost £25,000.

McGarry, who represented Glasgow East between 2015 and 2017, was convicted of two charges of embezzlement – totalling £24,635 – after a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

A jury found her guilty by majority of a charge of embezzling money while she was the treasurer of the Women for Independence campaign group between April 26 2013 and November 30 2015.

She was also found guilty by majority of a second charge of taking money between April 9 2014 and August 10 2015 when she was treasurer, secretary and convener of the Glasgow Regional Association of the SNP.

Addressing the 14 jurors, Sheriff Tom Hughes had told them: ‘Remember that you have taken an oath or affirmation. This requires you to base any verdict only on evidence that you have heard in this court.

McGarry, 40, embezzled £21,000 while treasurer of Women for Independence between April 26, 2013 and November 30, 2015

‘You promised to return a true verdict in accordance with the evidence.

‘You must put out of your mind anything you heard on TV, radio or read in a newspaper, anything you have read about the accused.

‘You, ladies and gentlemen, are in a privileged position. You have been able to sit and listen to all of the evidence. It is now for you to consider.’

Jurors were told that in order to convict McGarry, they would have to be confident beyond reasonable doubt that the funds were misappropriated and used dishonestly.

McGarry, of Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, denies both charges against her.

The six-week trial has heard evidence from several witnesses, including current and former Scottish health secretaries Humza Yousaf and Jeane Freeman.

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