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Friends on boat film shark chasing a seal in off Mornington Peninsula

Insane footage shows a massive shark aggressively thrashing in the water while chasing a seal in a Melbourne bay popular with swimmers

  • Massive bronzed whaler filmed chasing its prey in Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay
  • Group of men on their boat filmed extraordinary encounter in waters off Portsea
  • Heard in the footage claiming they’ve never seen a shark so big in popular bay

Astonishing footage has emerged of a shark hunting down a seal near a popular swimming spot off Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

A group of mates enjoying a day on a boat filmed the encounter with a bronze whaler that was violently thrashing around just metres away from them off Portsea on the weekend.

‘Oh my God! Dad, stop, stop!’ a man is heard exclaiming in the footage. ‘It’s chasing a seal! Oh my God! Holey moley, this is crazy!’

A group of men enjoying a day on Port Phillip Bay filmed their encounter with  a shark aggressively chasing its prey

The men get a closer glimpse of just how big the predator is as the shark swims closer to the boat as it aggressively chases its prey.

‘What is this! Oh my God, that’s massive!’ the man excitedly says. ‘It’s right there!’

Another mate suggested the shark may be chasing fish rather than a seal.

‘Well whatever it is, it’s chasing it,’ the man replies. 

Another video shows the men’s horror of just how close the shark came to the boat. 

The men heard in the footage are heard exclaiming they’d never seen a bronzed whaler so big

‘Oh s**t, I’ve never seen one that f**king big,’ another man says.

‘That’s enough for me! As long as he stays down there.’ 

Despite their size and aggressive predatory behavior, bronzed whalers, also known as copper sharks aren’t usually a threat to humans.

Just one fatal attack has been recorded in Australia – at Bunker Bay off Western Australia’s coast in 2011.

The extraordinary footage of the massive shark (pictured) was filmed in Port Phillip Bay off Portsea

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