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Friends scoop £1M EuroMillions prize after college lecturer 'advice'

Who’s to say you can’t make your own luck! Three friends scoop £1M EuroMillions prize after college lecturer gave ‘sound advice’ to set up their own syndicate

  • Alex Gwynne, Dan Phillips and Kyle Bowen began playing the lottery as students
  • The friends won in the EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker draw last month

Three friends have scooped a £1million EuroMillions prize after a college lecturer have them ‘sound advice’ to start up their own syndicate.

Alex Gwynne, 28, and Dan Phillips and Kyle Bowen, both 25, began playing the lottery when a group of students in the year above them at Coleg y Cymoedd in Rhondda Cynon Taf, south Wales, won £5,000 on the National Lottery six years ago.

Their lecturer quipped that they should create their own syndicate, but the friends took the joke seriously and have been playing the lottery together ever since.

And the trio are now rejoicing after winning the EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker draw last month.

Alex told The Mirror he only discovered they had won the morning after the draw, when he received an email notifying him of the prize.

Alex Gwynne (left), Dan Phillips (centre) and Kyle Bowen (right) have won £1million on the  EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker draw

The friends started playing as a syndicate after students in the year above them at Coleg y Cymoedd in Rhondda Cynon Taf, south Wales, won £5,000 on the National Lottery six years ago

He said: ‘We’ve all got good careers thanks to our apprenticeships through the college but looking at my bank account now, it does feel that our lecturer’s advice to create a National Lottery syndicate might have been some of the soundest!’

After logging in, he was initially disappointed when he could only see winnings amounting to £2.40, but soon discovered the true figure was actually £1million.

Alex had been heading to Cardiff for a gig with the band he manages, Ratoon, when he decided to purchase tickets both for himself and the syndicate.

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He added: ‘I went off to Cardiff and thought nothing more until the following morning when I was watching TV in bed, waiting for our little one to get up, and idly scrolling on my phone. 

‘I saw a “news about your ticket” email and logged in only to see a win of £2.40.

‘Feeling a bit disappointed that was all I’d won, I scrolled down to our syndicate tickets where my disappointment immediately stopped because I saw £1,000, then looked again and saw it was actually £1,000,0000. I was stunned, to put it mildly!’

Alex shared the news with his partner, before ringing his friends to inform them of the win.

His pal Dan was having a shower when he received Alex’s call and recalled how he was ‘stark naked’ when he found out the news.

Alex continued: ‘The win really couldn’t have come at a better time for all of us as we move into “grown up” life.

‘We’re all starting to settle down and make long-term plans for the future, a bit different to how we were when we set up the syndicate, that’s for sure!’

The priority for the friends is to help family and set aside money for the future.

But Alex has already purchases a caravan for his young family to holiday in, while Dan has bought a new car. Kyle, meanwhile, has invested his money for the long term.

Their win came as 30 UK ticket-holders won £1 million each with a special EuroMillions lottery draw.

The huge jackpot will make each of the thirty millionaires but this is just a drop in the hat compared to 16 jackpot-winners who were able to bag £100 million in previous years.

One other UK player won £1 million in the regular UK Millionaire Maker draw.

However no one won the £24 million jackpot – but one UK ticket holder won £125,000 by matching all five balls and one of the two lucky stars.

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